looking for the private college experience with public school price. USF reorganization where all campuses now under same accreditation vs New College of Florida " state Honors College". S21 accepted to both is a Political Science Major Planning on Law School or Graduate School

If there is a serious interest in academia, NCF is by far a superior choice. Take a look at Dataverse page from College Transitions. If law school, it’s probably easier to get a better GPA out of USF; not sure NCF has grades at all. You should contact their career advisory team before picking.

We are still waiting on a few decisions FSU, UF and McGill. NCF has my sons curiosity if that’s the right word but main concern is the small size and not a lot to do in Sarasota vs USF St Pete more to do. Also accepted St Louis University Madrid Campus about same size as NCF but he would be living in Madrid so small size in the right situation not a deal breaker. Waiting on merit on a few other OOS schools as well. USFSP was attractive now with consolidation on accreditation same degree no matter what campus.

Not sure I follow why are your priorities. I definitely get the cost point which is very valid and should be a top of list, but can’t tell wha you are shooting for beyond that… Is fun/nightlife key over academics/career goals? Not judging, just trying to get a sense to be able to be helpful.

USF USNWR has it ranked 103 in national universities fastest rising Uni last 10 years, NCF ranked 84 in liberal art colleges. Geographically 50 miles apart both waterfront campuses with small class size. A lot of similarities between the two. Differences as well NCF no grades, Senior Thesis. USFSP resources of a large research university. Looking for feedback if anyone has considered/compared the two

Son went in a different direction. Committed to FSU and doing his first year abroad in Florence Italy.