UT Austin Forty Acres Class of ‘26

Created this thread for the UT Austin Class of 2026 Forty Acres Scholars Applicants. Feel free to share questions, update on notifications, comments etc.

My nephew got a letter saying he is one of the “select few” applicants to UT Austin being encouraged to apply to this scholarship, even though it’s past the deadline. He has not yet been admitted to UT. Is this a general message that everyone gets, or does this mean he has been accepted to UT Austin?

There are several posts from last year of people talking about becoming finalists in the forty acres scholarship process without having actually being admitted to the University. Search forty acres (I tried to link it here but links are not allowed)

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Did anyone receive a semi-finalist interview invite yet? It’s supposed to be “mid-January.”

No ://// and I still haven’t been accepted even though I’m auto admit

fingers crossed!!