UVA Fall 2021 Transfer Chance

Hi everyone!!

This is my first CC post so forgive me if this is botched. I’ve been reading these threads for the longest time so I decided it was finally time to make my own account/post. I was wondering if someone could provide me with some insight with my odds of getting in as a fall 2021 transfer to University of Virginia. Here are some of my stats:
Resides in state
Current freshman at an OOS college
Attended a private high school
Received a lower GPA in HS: around 2.8
Took a few AP courses
Was involved in some extracurricular activities in HS
1250 SAT
So far a higher college gpa: on track to receive anywhere between a 3.6-4.0 this semester
Will have enough credit hours to be eligible to attend as a second year in fall 2021
Thank you in advance! :smile:

Hey! On UVA’s website, they say that the average GPA for fall transfers is around 3.5. They also take into account the difficulty of your classes, what you are doing outside of school, where you’re from, the specific college you are applying to, etc. If you end up with a GPA higher than 3.5 and are taking rigorous courses, I’m sure you’ll have a good chance!

Thank you so much!

Hi! UVA (CAS) is my top choice and I have no clue where I stand.
I have never done a chance me but I also have an untraditional journey:
2 years of HS (w/ a HS semester abroad). Then I took the CHSPE (a CA specific GED) and enrolled in my CC at 16 and finishing my 2nd year. I am applying as a 3rd year transfer. I am 17 (will be 18 the end of March).

-out of state; california community college
-scholars (honors) program at CC
-College GPA: 3.63
-HS GPA: 3.6 (w), 3.5 (uw)
-never took the SAT
-3 on AP French
-completed UVA’s transfer course pattern recommendation
-very involved on cc campus–AGS honors society VP + started a Neuroscience club…
-in high school I was in robotics club, varsity sports, honors club.

I know UVA takes a good handful from virginia cc’s but i feel like they barely take any out of state and if they do their gpa’s are around 3.9.

Thank you so much for taking the time!!

Hey guys, UVA (CAS) is one of my top choices and I’m hoping ill be able to gain admission even tho I am an OOS student and resident.

State Public University - 2nd year
College GPA - 3.96
HS GPA - 3.54 with some honors classes, but not great
Will have completed most, if not all pre req courses by end of semester
Have worked part time throughout college career and was very active in sports and also worked in HS.

I know my HS Gpa and extracurriculars may be lacking in terms of UVA for an OOS student but hopefully my course load and college GPA can make up for it!

Good luck everyone!


I got in from a California cc w/ a 3.7… but I was told UVA was basically my furthest reach so I think I was a bit of an outlier. That being said, hope that helps to show it’s not out of the question. Can’t speak to how the GED thing will affect you, I’m guessing if you have one and can enroll in college it shouldn’t matter too much.

It’s going to be a far reach because of the HS stats. College GPA is good but as a freshman your HS record is 50% of your application. With a high GPA your chances will improve after two years of college coursework.

Good luck!