Here is the official forum for aspiring business students at McIntire or anyone who wants to go in as business.

current school: California CC
GPA: 3.696 ← I hate you, professor that messed up my final ----> should be 3.7 and 3.8 if i apply in January.

Credits completed at time of application: 85…I think

High school stat:
GPA: 3.4 - I almost flunked pre-calc, went from 4.0 student to 2.9 student (longggg story)
SAT: heh - lets not talk bout it
AP: took 10 ap classes (a mistake), a few average AP scores

was waitlisted last year and I had a 3.7 so not a big difference.
cool thing about me: im graduating with 8 associate degrees :blush: i can technically apply as poli sci, spanish, econ, english, etc…

Not much activity in this thread so I thought I would chime in:

White male, in-state (NOVA area)
Current school: Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business (highly-regarded especially in the Midwest, tied for #10th right under McIntire for undergrad B-schools according to US News)
GPA: 3.757 (took some higher-level, optional finance classes that brought down my GPA a bit)
All A’s in my prerequisite courses besides a B in Calculus and an A- in one of my humanities

Leadership positions in my residence hall’s student government last year and Kelley’s student government this year
Tutor for a class revolving around Microsoft Excel and Access
Non-leadership roles in a club focused on the financial services industry (last year) and one focused on the accounting industry (currently)
Server at a restaurant last Summer (not sure how relevant)

6/10; not the best writer and not the most interesting topics
I wrote one about how I wish to work in the DC area and how I wanted to move closer to home to support my grandmother who’s currently going through cancer treatment, which started up my college search again. I tied it back to McIntire by discussing how ICE and the MS in Accounting program can personally empower me.
I wrote the other about how failing my first Intro to Accounting exam led to me to push past my academic boundaries to prevent it from happening again, creating a passion for the subject in the process. From here I explained how I reached the conclusion to pursue an audit profession and went into further detail about the MS in Accounting program.

Extra stuff:
One letter of recommendation from my business communications/writing professor–had a great relationship with her and a writing professor writing your letter rec is always a plus :wink:
Midterm report: 3.79 for this semester thus far (3.85 if including the two extra NOVA Online classes I’m taking this semester in order to complete my pre-reqs on time)

Not bad stats at all, but McIntire is crazy hard to get into (as you guys are well aware) and looking at the accepted students from last year’s thread and their insanely good stats have me worried :confused:

Would appreciate any feedback at all on my chances! Stay safe!

Did anyone else just recieve an invitation to submit a video recording response to a question to act as an interview for McIntire admissions?

I did @UVAyyy

@heyigotnoclue I wonder if they’re extending this interview to everyone or just to those they’re extremely interested in or those “on the cusp”. Based on threads from prior years, not everyone is offered an interview. However, those seemed to be longer than the 3 minute submission we have to do, so maybe they are offering it to everyone this year.

@UVAyyy - i got a few friends who applied to mcintire, they all got it so… o.o

@heyigotnoclue I guess that means they probably extended it to everyone haha. I wonder if that’s an indication that more or less people applied this year. I’m sure UVA winning the NCAA tourney last year attracted some people lol.

lol it did??? @UVAyyy - i did not know that

idek man, its a bit weird how the send out this interview invite so late in the game

@heyigotnoclue Them sending out interviews this late is pretty consistant with prior years, if not a bit earlier. Hopefully this means they’ll be releasing decisions earlier than May 1st but I don’t want to get my hopes up :wink:

@UVAyyy same here but given ur user name, im assuming uva is first choice?

@heyigotnoclue It’s the only school I applied for transfer to. I would die of complete happiness if I got in lol. How about you?

@UVAyyy - oh i got waitlisted last year so im not even sure

and LOLLLL i have like 20 schools left - im chillin :smiley:

@heyigotnoclue Well good luck with the rest of your apps!

ty! @UVAyyy - keep updating on here!!!

I’m going insane from the waiting game LOL so does anyone want to post their stats here in order to provide a basis of how competitive the applicant pool is this year? If you would prefer to keep your stats private, feel free to DM me!! :slight_smile:

I’m deciding between Indiana Kelley and Uva for undergrad. im a higschool senior. The mcintire acceptance rate scares me. Im also in ACE for kelley? ik this wasnt the reply u were looking for, just wondering if u have any insight?

@studentatlarge - since this is the transfer student forum, u might be in the wrong place because as a transfer student, I think viewpoints on rankings have changed.

It really depends on ur situation. Indiana is very different from Virginia. The different business majors also have different rankings. Financially, Virginia might be pricier. I wouldn’t sweat it about the acceptance rate. U are still a high school senior - maybe u won’t know if u truly want to pursue business yet and u want to switch. Don’t base all ur decisions on one school yet. CG to u on getting into both and best of luck

@studentatlarge Kelley and IU as a whole is such a great establishment–completely love it. If you’re a Direct Admit half the pressure is gone right there. The campus is beautiful and the business alumni network is almost unbeatable. There are so many different clubs and so many opportunities to meet with employers and alumni. I already have an offer from Deloitte for my junior year (Summer 2021) internship and I’m only a sophomore! Some of the business courses can be tough, but definitely manageable along with numerous resources to take advantage of. ACE is a great program as well from what I’ve heard. If I were you, I would base my decision on how likely you think it is to get into McIntire and whichever school makes the most sense financially. Both institutions are great, so you can’t really make a wrong choice. Feel free to DM me for further insights on Kelley and IU!

Hey! I am a freshman at Virginia Tech planning to transfer to Mcintire for Fall 2021, rooting for yall! Do you guys think Mcintire cares for teacher recommendations? Especially since everything is remote and students get no face-to-face with teachers yall think they will still require recommendations?