VCU 2024

Any idea when we will hear? My second D is an EA. I saw that VCU EA applicants were notified about this time last year.

Does VCU have EA?

I think you are correct. It’s not called EA at VCU. I was referring to completed applications prior to the Nov. 15 scholarship deadline. In year’s past, it appears VCU notifies those applicants Nov. 15 on if they have applied early (Aug-Oct). I looked back to previous acceptance threads. Was hoping to hear if anybody had been notified yet or had some insight on the specific day those notifications came out.

Maybe this is their Rolling Admission.

My dd completed her application in late October but nothing yet.

Thank you. Hopefully this week.

We have receive an acceptance email today; applied on 13th Nov for College of Arts & Sciences- Chemistry Major. Decision for GMED/honors college is still awaited.

My D received her acceptance via email at midnight last night!

My D17 received her acceptance via email at midnight last night!

I too got an acceptance via email last night, applied october 10th.

Congratulations to all accepted! Is there any link in the acceptance email to check the status? I am waiting for my son’s decision.

@snva2002 yes, there was.

Thanks equestrian123.

Is this the one?

I was wondering if the status get updated here first and then emails are sent out later. I see he is accepted on this site but he did not receive the email yet.

My son’s portal says accepted too! He hasn’t received an email yet, though.

DS’s portal says accepted, but no email yet. Excited!

Congrats to everyone! I have heard merit scholarships are not revealed until March. Hopefully it’s sooner.

@RadGeek Congratulations! May I ask what is your child’s GPA and SAT and/or ACT score?

Curious about that portal link. We are waiting on snail mail, but I clicked that link and while it does say accepted in the welcome at the top, lower down it says “Application Decision:” and is blank. It has all my DS20’s other relevant info and a student ID, but that blank gives me pause. VCU does note on their website that decisions are sent via mail, not email, so I am not certain that portal is completely accurate without that field filled in. What does it say for others?

Glad I looked at this. My daughter hasn’t received an email, but showed acceptance on their website! She auditions for theatre/drama next Friday.

My daughter logged into her VCU portal on Nov 27 and it had a Congratulations, you’ve been accepted message. However, when she logs back in now, that message is gone and it’s back to her application status. I have a call into Admissions and waiting for a response. Curious if anyone else is in this situation? DD applied before the Nov 15 deadline, but was not expecting to receive a response so early.