Virginia Tech 2022 Waitlist

1900 offers in 2018. 1700 in 2016. that’s still a heap of WL offers. 67% acceptance rate in 2021. 67% in 2020. still makes me question why yield is so low.

56.5% offered in 2021, and has never broken 71% since 2016. Link is below, with “university” tab selected. In terms of yield rate, I think there’s a lot of “aid shopping” - a ton of kids apply to VT without knowing in advance that the university does not historically provide a lot of financial aid, and then post-offer they find that out and decline. Who knows.

Institutional Data | University DataCommons | Virginia Tech (

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Totally agree! Virginia Tech is not a cheap institution to attend, especially for Out of State Students!!

Last week 3 kids from my son’s school got admission offer from the waitlist. My Son is still waiting and hopeful as VT is his first choice.
Sounds like it depends on what major you applied for.

100%. Waitlist pulls are by college, with how comparable a waitlist applicant is profile-wise to an accepted student who has declined an offer.

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Same here . But surprisingly haven’t heard anyone for Business major being pulled off from instate list …


Im assuming the next wave if waitlist decisions should be released very soon. This is because the students who got off in the initial round had until 5/10 to make a decision.

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Do you think it’ll come out next week?

Just to tag on this…. Won’t they close the major if they are done pulling from the waitlist?

No idea … not sure how it is with engineering and other majors that showed waitlist movement. We are actually looking forward for business major and haven’t heard any move yet for instate … if any one who is in this thread heard otherwise please update …

Yes, but there’s no way of anyone knowing that the major is “closed” and admissions is not going to tell you. Pure speculation here, but if the most recent pull offers had a 5/11-5/12 deadline for accepting, it’s not going to take more than a week for admissions to reset and send a 2nd round of offers. I could easily see pull offers on Monday with a deadline of 5/20 to accept - if there are slots still remaining. My money is on waitlist close before Memorial Day weekend.