Virginia Tech Transfer Fall 2022

Didn’t see a thread yet. Stats?

Current College: A Ny community college
Current College GPA: 3.85. I do have an associates with distinction and presidents list.
Intended Major: Commercial Real Estate and Development
ECs: Chief Officer of Alpha Beta Gamma(Business Honor Society). Member of Accounting Club. Also work 25 hours a week.

College: Northern Virginia Community College
Year: Freshman
Major: Finance/business
Credits: 32 when applied all classes towards my major on the way to having 44 by my end of spring
GPA: 3.3
80+ hours of CS and Worked part-time at Best Buy during the fall semester
First-gen Afro-American

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Do you know if pamplin is competitive for out of state students?

Wondering if transfer decisions will be released today or tomorrow. They came out 4/15 last year

I got an email saying it would be 4/15 at 5pm.

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Thank you. We did not get an email. Did anyone else get one?

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I got an email on April 11th saying they’d be released on 4/15 at 5 pm



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Anyone know of any transfer groups or anything to get in touch with other fall VT transfers? I can’t seem to find any

I don’t see any either

How are you guys planning to find roommates?

I have no idea, I have to figure that out lol

Is there any transfer student who is changing the major from the college of science to the college of Engineering? if anyone requested, have you heard anything from the college? Cause I also requested for that but haven’t got any reply from them?