Visiting in the summer. Any advice to get a better feel for "in term" vibe

My daughter will be visiting the school with her dad this week. I know summer is not the greatest time to visit, but it is what it is. Because it’s out of state, we took the opportunity we had to get her there; it’s not going to come up again any time soon.

She’s got a tour scheduled and a meeting with an admissions person at the Honors College afterwards, but is there any advice anyone can give that will help her get a more authentic feel for the school (meaning what it’s like September to May)?

Hi! My S19 goes there now as a freshman and we visited in summer as well. He’s loving it and made it through the hurricane Dorian evacuation with no problems.

I know your tour is long past now, but just popping in to say hope it went well and you received some good information!