Waiting it out for early decisions

My senior is a current Furman Scholar and applied for early decision. it says she will hear by Dec 1. Is there a possibility she will hear earlier than that date, or do they send out all early decision notifications at once on the 1st?

I am asking simply because we realized Dec 1 is a Sunday and is coming off the university being closed for Thanksgiving holidays. We weren’t sure if this would change notifications.

@Bandmama2 I would suggest you call the admission office. It would be nice if they notified before the holiday!! My D applied EA so she won’t hear until mid February.

Thanks @mamawitch! I am going to check with them today. It would be great if they heard before the holidays, but I also understand that is a lot to get done in a short amount of time depending on how many students applied for ED. Good luck to your D for EA!

@Bandmama2 Did you contact the admissions office? If so, what did they say?