Waitlisted on UMass

Hey guys,

  1. If you are not accepted into UMass and placed on the waitlist, what are the chances to get off the waitlist and get into UMass?

  2. If you applied undecided, is it easier to get accepted into UMass?

UMass Amherst is the safety school for every MA applicant to competitive colleges. A lot of people who get accepted there, don’t go. Last year, only one in five accepted students enrolled. So they must have had to go to the waitlist, I bet. Here’s a link to their statistics. Interesting to see how much their stats have improved over the past decade. But also, it’s clear that for many, UMass Amherst is the safety school, since the yield is low.

And yes, I think it does make a difference what you’re applying for. Probably Comp Sci is very competitive - but you can still get into it, once you’re there, but the path is narrow and steep. I don’t know if undecided would make it easier.

Management, Engineering, Nursing and Computer Science are most competitive. By default, undecided would be easier than those.

@parentologist Nursing also has a 10-12% acceptance rate- extremely competitive and definitely not a safety. But most of the majors are not as competitive I would imagine. I think there will be a lot of waitlist acceptances this year with people applying to so many schools- they can only choose one!

Agree - you may confusing me with another CC person.

Yes sorry- thought I was replying to @parentologist !

I would email admissions and ask. They were responsive to me with questions about the honors college. I agree so many kids apply there that won’t likely matriculate. I think yield will be strange this year and you may have an even better chance on the waitlist as some kids will say yes to umass and then get into schools they like better. All so hard to predict. Good luck!

If you check the Common Data Set for Fall 2020, published on the website (Google UMass Amherst Common Data Set to find it easily) and scroll down to admissions data, you will see that for last year’s pool –

4,381 were offered a place on the wait list
2326 accepted a place on the wait list
396 were admitted from the wait list

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So looks as if the overall answer is 20%. But I would suggest that you contact admissions, tell them that you are willing to come for a less competitive major that you can legitimately claim you have an interest in, and ask for your desired major to be changed to that. I bet you’ll get in. And it is possible to move into the more competitive majors, but you have to get straight A’s in the required courses, taken right from the start.