Wake Forest Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

have any of you gone on a tour this year? They are offering them for students who interviewed. We are thinking about trying to get one in Feb.

Total admissions acceptance rate is typically around 28%. ED is about 40% so that must bring the RD portion down to around 20%-25%.

My son and I did the tour, after his interview. It was very helpful to see things in person. However, we were not allowed to go inside any buildings and we had to wear masks the entire time while we were outside. We were able to get a sweatshirt but only at a pop-up shop they had set up in a small mall about 5 miles away from the campus. We also don’t have anything in our portal for the mid-year grades report being added.


Right. I know it’s all outside. I guess we take what we can get now!

agreed, that is what we thought…figured it could not hurt, and since they like demonstrated interest we figured it was worth the trip. Plus, my son, as all the kids in this year group had missed out on all these normally fun activities in seeing schools…we figured we would make a fun trip of it. It is beautiful!

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I’m not sure how different the RD is from ED portal but we uploaded the grades from first semester in the portal and they are listed is the Upload Materials section. I suppose if you were in a pinch or concerned you could always upload yourself if that’s available.

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Maybe if you upload them yourself you see them. Our counselor sent them through Naviance so it’s not noted on the portal.

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My school did since we have switched to the 4x4 model due to COVID. The WF portal says my mid-year transcript has been submitted, although it is not yet finalized as I have no finished all of my semester 1 classes yet.

Also to everyone: has anyone heard if they have been selected as a scholarship finalist? I think they should be coming out in the next two weeks, although the notification dates for every school seem to be delayed this year.

On the ED portal it says March for scholarships.

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Hi we never got the chance to tour. We had arranged it for April 2020 but cancelled due to Covid.

We did the tour, happy to answer any questions you might have! :wink:

We’re fortunate we did our tours right before Covid hit and were lucky enough to be there when it snowed. Tried to visit after acceptance and campus was closed to all visitors.

I did see that section to upload your own documents. We have email out to guidance counselor to confirm she sent, then we will have S send email to AO for our region; and perhaps ask if we should upload to the portal. Thank you.

Question, there is one “theme” about Wake that I would really welcome a better handle on. We didnt get to tour, so just going by what we have read and virtual connections. There are comments all the time about “Work” forest and references to how intense the culture is with students. Clearly the school accepts bright and academicly focused kids. But is the culture and reputation really that over the top compared to other schools that warrants this nickname? I love the school and so does my S. Hes a great student, but it is somewhat concerning. There’s a difference between work hard and having a culture that is too intense or heavily competitive between students that it impacts the overall experience. Hes applying to equally rigorous schools where this doesnt come up at all. Any thoughts?

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DS is a freshman, DD a senior at WFU. Academics are intense, but not over the top. DS studies 2-3 hours for each hour of class, finished first semester with a 3.74 GPA. Most of the students are bright, well prepared, and come from top high schools, so those without preparation will struggle somewhat. A’s have to be earned in most courses, and mean a lot there. Neither have ever felt that they were in competition with other students. I’d say they’re more driven than competitive.

Both have been very pleased with the school. DS having a better freshman experience than most of his friends at other schools for what it’s worth.


Hi USMA90 - when did you so the tour?

We toured right before Thanksgiving break.

I know they were allowing kids to tour if they completed an interview. I called today and asked if that offer still stands and they said no tours at all in Feb and they are hoping to be able to offer tours to admitted students later this spring. Kind of a bummer because we might be down that way in about a month. Anyone try to walk on campus without a tour lately? I thought I read about someone on here sneaking in the back way since they couldn’t get past security at the front gate. Lol

We visited Feb 21, 2020, there was no parking pass, and I don’t recall being stopped by security on the way in. Directions said enter from Silas Creek Pkwy and take first right to the Welcome Center.

i visited in the end of september, great campus and awesome people it seemed like. and yes they only offered tours to people who had interviews or applied (at least at the time)

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