Wake Forest Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Hi all!

Starting this thread for Wake RD applicants. D21 has sent her app and is thinking about applying for the Presidential Scholarship for dance. That app is due 12/1.

We just realized that Wake only takes one teacher rec unlike every other school on her list that takes two. We are confident in both of her recs but the one that was downloaded isn’t from the teacher who knows her best and now it’s too late to switch it out. Our GC offered to send the second one in the mail. I hope they’ll read it!

D had an interview and it went well. We’ve decided not to take Wake up on the offer to visit, though, since it’s a flight for us and our friends who have done a tour this fall said that it was quick and they couldn’t go in any buildings. For us, it just makes more sense to wait and see if D gets in before trekking down to NC.

Good luck to all!

Hi! I’m also applying RD to Wake before the merit scholarship deadline.

What major is your daughter thinking of? I’m planning on majoring in religious studies.

Hey there, yes my D21 is also looking at applying for the presidential with dance. She just finished her audition video and is finishing everything up before the Dec 1st deadline. We are waiting till spring semester to visit as she wants to have a chance of maybe observing a class etc. WF is a top pick for her but she went RD so she doesn’t feel rushed.

I doubt they are going to let kids in to see classes though. What kind of dance experience does she have? Did she choose ballet or contemporary for her audition?Good luck to her!

She went with ballet with choreography that has a contemporary twist. She is looking at a Biology major and dance minor. Yeah, she may not be able to physically be in the room. We are still crossing fingers that she can at least get a feel for everything.

Our D is applying! One of her favorites. We toured sophomore year, she interviewed in June, and they “visited” her school this fall. Now I am realizing I need to ask her what Teacher Rec her school sent for Wake. We have been looking on the Common App and finding it interesting which teacher recs are sent to which schools: the GC choses–among 3–and we obviously do not know what is in each one but she feels fairly confident one in particular is very strong.

That is good to hear. My D21 chose which recommendations went with the common app. She did her interview in September and felt she got across who she was. Her best friend’s dad went to WF and so she has some ideas of what it is about. She really loves the fact that WF encourages lots of activities and will let her take the classes she wants to take and not push her in a specific direction.

Does anyone know if Wake will be doing rolling admissions for RD or if they will all be released together as last year, mid-March timeframe? I am assuming the latter but pls post if any RD’s hear anything. D21 applied by merit deadline. Thx!

I believe RD kids are told on the same day. In the past, the kids in the running for the Presidential Scholarships have had a clue earlier if they are finalists and are offered an interview in Feb. This year, though, D received an email saying those scholarships will be decided early April. She emailed Wake back to ask if there would be interviews for finalists and they said that they aren’t sure this year. They might just make the decision based on what they’ve got and let kids know in April (which would be after the RD decisions are out.)

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So regular decisions will be sent out in March?

Merit-based and talent-based scholarship selections are made in March

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Ah I see that now. They’ve updated their website. The arts scholarship applicants will be notified early March if they are finalists and late March if they receive the scholarship. No info on whether there will be any additional interviews or auditions

That was in our portal but we were ED. Haven’t had any updates or info via email yet.

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Interesting. It’s not on D’s portal since she’s not had a decision yet. I did go back and look at the email she received after her Presidential Scholarship materials were complete and that email says they will announce them April 1. She did ask for clarification since they usually have an audition and/or interview round but she got a response that says they really don’t know if they will do that round this year and need to see how spring looks on campus with Covid.

Does anyone know the percentage of admitted RD or how many applicants Wake had this year?

We won’t likely see numbers on RD applicants until after they release decisions.

The wait on this one is brutal.

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Hello. I have a question/request. If your school sends out Quarter 1 grades to colleges to supplement applications, do you see anything in your Wake application status portal showing that admissions received your “first marking grades” or anything referencing first term grades listed in the “documents received”?

I know our school sends out grades. Half of his colleges have acknowledged receipt in his portal and the other 6 have not, including Wake. The schools would have received them on or after 11/20.

Thank you for help!

D’s grades were sent and there’s nothing on the portal. She emailed her AO, though, and they have them. Some schools do call them out on the portal but not all and I guess Wake does not put those on their portal.

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:pray: grateful for the insight and confirmation. We had planned on going AO route but wanted to see first if we really had an issue or not. Thank you!!

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