Wake Forest ED C/O 2025 "Your WFU ID"

I applied ED to Wake Forest in June. I have not received a decision yet, but “Your WFU ID” popped up on my status page today with a long number following it. Does anyone know what the number is for or what it might mean?

You should call the admissions office tomorrow. There is normally a “status update” message on your portal that links to an acceptance letter. The WFU student id number is eight digits long, by the way.

I believe it means your app is under review. They assign a number to each application to keep track of them. Someone tell me if I am wrong?

I submitted my WF app two months ago and just yesterday received the WFU ID. If the ID were to label applications and signal review, I feel like I would’ve received the number earlier? On the WF website I saw that you need a WFU ID to sign into your WF account? Could the code be related to the status of my application?

I got the same ID that popped up not sure when because I didn’t always go into the application itself to check and would just look at the main screen of the portal. But for reference, I submitted mid-June probably a bit after you and have yet to hear anything via mail or any sort of response from the admissions office. I’m no expert but for me at least since I’m approaching the 8-week mark soon, once reached I will contact them if there is no decision but the ID is still there to inquire about the status of my decision. Hope this helped!

Hi-I applied about 2 weeks ago and I was wondering if you ever got an email or anything from the admissions office even just indicating they received your application? I have emailed my regional rep and have yet to hear back. For reference- I applied through the CommonApp…

Hi! I applied ED on July 15th and my school sent in everything on August 7th. That day, all my check marks on my application were green and I received my Wake ID. Therefore, I think the ID means that my application is offically under review.