Wake Forest Transfer Fall 2021

Hi all! I noticed there wasn’t a forum for WFU transfer students for the Fall 2021 cycle so thought I would create one.
I’m a non trad- 43 yo rising junior applied to the Biology program hoping to eventually be accepted to EAP to attend their med school.
Science GPA: 4.0
Cumulative (including my previous visual arts school) : 3.67 . All classes in the past two years: 4.0
As I worked 60 plus hours a week up until Covid layoff I did not have many extracurricular activities except for volunteering as an art docent (teaching art to kids in underprivileged districts), a stint at habitat for humanity , some virtual e-shadowing with physicians and I just started volunteering with a hospice program here in their offices until patient interactions can start again. I am worried that because I am older and did horribly in HS (in 1995 mind you but was diagnosed with ADD in my late 20’s which turned things around dramatically for me with school) that that will hurt me. I am also not sure that the school itself works with many non traditional students because their financial aid department apologized for needing time to help me figure out how to do the CSS profile bc it needed my parents info and well I’m 43 and married with 2 kids and they said they don’t ge the “opportunity to work with non traditional students very often”.
Anyhow decisions say by mid-May , I am hoping to find out sooner but we shall see!
Looking forward to hearing from more transfer applicants past and current!

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Hey, very nice to read about you and your journey and I wish you all the best with the decisions to come! Decisions should start rolling out on the 16th or this friday.

any idea on when we will hear from wake? i haven’t seen anything

Last year they heard last Friday, Wake usually released decisions on every Friday so maybe tomo??

Can someone call & ask admissions when they plan to start rolling out decisions…

I was just accepted

Got into Wake, does anyone know when the latest is I can commit?