Wake Forest Webcam Interview

I have my Wake interview at the end of this month and I was just looking for insight or any college interview tips in general. I had one for Tulane about a week ago that went really well, but i’m more nervous for this one because Wake is my #1 and some of the questions i’ve seen that may be asked seem tricky. I know it is important to Wake to show who you are as a person as well and since i’m applying test optional, I would really like for this to go well.
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@h20sugar You may be able to find your answer in general in this recent article from College Confidential, which covered this topic in depth. You can read it here: https://insights.collegeconfidential.com/college-interviews-person-sales-pitch

Be prepared for open-ended questions such as “tell me something about yourself,” and “tell about a high school experience that gives me some insight into who you are as a person.” If you are not someone who thinks fast on their feet (like me), having answers to those questions prepared ahead of time is helpful.

Also, if Wake is your #1, maybe consider doing the interview in person. They are very big on demonstrated interest, and going to visit the campus gives you demonstrated interest points. Doing a webcam interview from a neighboring state may be seen as an indication of a lower level of interest.

Yes, I was going to do it in person, but they’ve cancelled all in person interviews and are strictly online for my class.

How did your interview go? I too had a Tulane interview today and I thought it was great but I’m kind of scared for Wake Forest because I have heard the interviews are really comprehensive and I am considering an ED2 to Wake Forest. My Wake Forest interview is in a week so it would be great if you could share some tips with me if you have already done the interview.

I might do a Wake Forest interview, how did yours go? Same with the person above, please share some tips if you can. I hope your interview went well!

Hi! I’m going to start a new thread about my experience and tips :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m going to start a new thread about my experience and tips for the interview. :slight_smile:

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