WashU 2025 Merit Scholarships

Hi everyone! I know merit scholarships should be coming out in the next few weeks and I haven’t found a thread for them yet so I figured I’d start one :slight_smile:


Do you apply for merit or are you automatically considered?

You have to apply for the signature scholarships, Danforth, Ervin and Rodriguez. I believe all the others, you are automatically considered.

does anyone know when decisions will be sent out?

I’m fairly certain the website says April 1st for RD.

If u receive a scholarship, does that mean that you have been admitted, or you’re more likely to be admitted? Not so sure how it works :confused:


Posts from previous years said that if you are notified as a finalist you are admitted as well. So altho the decision for RD comes out in April, one could receive admission offer earlier.

Yeah, in years past, receiving a merit offer means you were accepted

@a3s4d5 @21bayc thank you!

do yall think decisions will come out today??

i thought people said after presidents day, so like tuesday-friday, but I’m not sure

Will decisions be in our portal or will be receive an email do you guys think?

Somebody on reddit said that “they notified her on the washu pathway. but if you do get a scholarship, they usually call you or your parent.”

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wait someone already found out or was that from last year

it was either from last year or years ago

but wait, does anybody think that merit scholarship decisions are going to come out today? other people are saying maybe but :woman_shrugging:

Has anyone tried calling and asking yet for when they will release?

they did release decisions on president’s day once in 2013 or 2014 but they haven’t done it since, so tomorrow seems like a more likely release date than today

I just called the general admissions phone number and they said they don’t have a release date . . . just “not yet” and “later this month”.

Do we think it could possibly be today? I know nothing is certain, but Friday seems like a good release date. Also is there a typical time decisions come out?