WashU waitlist 2025

My college counselor emailed our rep, who said that it is “unlikely that they go to to their waitlist this year, but they are not 100% certain yet”

Of the schools I’ve heard about, most estimated correctly in terms of achieving the targeted number of freshmen to accept, so there are little if any spots left for waitlist offers.

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Based upon the number of applicants and acceptance rates at the most selective schools, thus makes sense. If HYPSM acceptance rates are lower than ever and they hit their yield targets, it stands to reason that yield rates at a Penn, Columbia, UChicago, Brown will also be quite high. Because some students who would have otherwise gone to HYPSM aren’t getting admitted to those schools this year.

So you’ll see the same pattern at WashU, Cornell, Northwestern, Hopkins, USC too.
If anything, it wouldn’t surprise me to see schools overenrolled this year.

I know that’s not what people want to hear on a thread like this one, but even in the best years, the odds of getting off the list from among those who accept a waitlist spot and continue to demonstrate interest at WashU is pretty low.

Best of luck to everyone.

Definitely a trickle down effect and schools are over enrolled. Purdue is full. Colgate is full. Michigan is full. UVA is full.

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Sorry I know this is WashU forum but where did you hear Michigan is full?

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how do you know UVA is full?

Anyone have any updates?

How do you know about UVA??

Dean J has said several times on Instagram there will be minimal waitlist activity this year. They have let a few in for nursing, kinesiology and education but from what I hear very few. I heard 5 for kinesiology.

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omg for a moment I thought u were talking about Washu’s wl :joy: almost had a heart attack

Where did you hear Michigan was full?

I look at this year’s waitlist situation a little differently.

I think waitlists are going to resemble a giant game of dominoes. On average, students applying to Top 20 schools appear to have applied to far more schools than in a typical (non-Covid) year because they were unable to visit schools and because of the overall uncertainty. I am an alumni interviewer for Duke, and the applicants who I interviewed confirmed this. In fact, one of my interviewees applied to 25 schools. I believe there were a lot of HYPSM applicants who also applied to lower level Ivies and other top schools like Vandy, Duke, Wash U, etc. There is a decent probability that those who were admitted to a HYPSM probably were also admitted (or waitlisted) by many of the other top schools to which they applied. Those HYPSM applicants can only attend one of the schools to which they were admitted. Decision day was May 1 (May 3 for Ivies). So, it has been less than 2 weeks since the accepted HYPSM students had to decline their acceptances to the numerous other top schools to which they were probably admitted. I believe schools are now digesting those decisions and are trying to determine which waitlist applicants will help them satisfy their goals for the freshman class they are trying to build. I think that, once some of the Ivy League schools and other top tier schools begin pulling from their waitlists, it will then set the stage for other top and mid tier schools to be in a position to offer admission to more waitlisted candidates. I hope the dominoes begin to fall soon, and I hope it works out for many of the waitlisted candidates.


Hope so mr beefstew2

It’s just a theory combined with some logic and common sense, but I hope I’m right.