WashU waitlist 2025

just wondering if there’s lots people get waitlist like me

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anyone knows the chance to get off the waitlist is high or nearly impossible?

on the waitlist too, not sure if its hard to get off

Me too. I’m trying to find data about that

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let me know if you find anything, I heard last year some people were offered a spot off the waitlist April 13th before commitment day

Did anyone find out around how many people WashU usually waitlists? I’ve been looking but I can’t seem to find anything

This is all I could find about waitlist info.

53 accepted off the waitlist

128 accepted off the waitlist

31 accepted off the waitlist

1968 Number of students that accepted a place on the waitlist

189 accepted off the waitlist

that what i got on the WashU Waitlist information page

Has anyone heard anything back from WashU? Last year they already started to take students off the waitlist around this time…

Nothing for me. Maybe last year they got an early start anticipating many will decline due to covid.

When I sent my LOCI to my admissions officer she emailed back saying that if space becomes available they’ll start taking people off the waitlist May 3rd


Thanks, gotta keep my fingers crossed then!

Does anyone have any updated information about the Waitlists? Also, do loci’s really help, do they even get read?

I have read the t some top schools including Wash U, U Chicago and even Princeton and Yale have started taking people off their waitlist

I’ve not seen where anyone has gotten off the WashU waitlist. Where did you read that?


My regional rep told me that they won’t look into the waitlist until May.

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my DD’s AO said on April 2 that she should expect to hear “in three weeks”, so we were sort of thinking that might be before May 1. Last year was an anomaly because of Covid, but the year prior kids were hearing the last week of April. The sooner the better-please!!!


Has anyone heard anything?

Hi, has you DD heard anything back? Not sure when they start the first wave of waitlist taking off. My DD is waitlisted too and is anxious to know what will come out.

Has anyone heard anything yet?