Way to see more than 20 posts?

Could someone please tell me how to get more than 20 posts to load at a time? Whenever I click on a topic, I only see 20 posts, then I have to count forward in my head and wiggle the very touchy scroll bar to add the next twenty. I’m sure it’s just user error, but it is supremely annoying when trying to read threads with hundreds of posts. What am I doing wrong? Is there some setting that allows continuous scrolling/display?

Thank you so much!!

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You should be able to just keep hitting the space bar or the down arrow button and new posts will load when you get to the bottom of the page. If you scroll to the bottom of a long topic, what happens when you get down to the bottom?

I typically use the Brave browser, and when I get to then end of 20 posts, nothing happens. I can’t continue to scroll; using the down arrow button or space bar doesn’t do anything.

However, I just thought to log into the forum through Safari, and I have no problem scrolling through huge threads there.

Must be a glitch with Brave. Thank you for your advice–it prompted me to try a different browser. I hope the glitch with Brave will eventually be resolved. The only way to scroll using Brave is to advance the little dated scroll bar cursor to the right 20+ posts.

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Wow! That’s very surprising. I’d think that most every site uses a similar mechanism.

Hmm. Very strange. Someone should report this over at https://meta.discourse.org/, but that’s not your job. They try to support most browsers, but Brave may not be on their list. I’ve not heard of anyone else having this issue (and I work with dozens of forums and pay close attention to the development).

Are you using an especially old or new version of Brave?

I update Brave immediately whenever an update comes out.

I’m going to switch to Safari for CC. It is truly frustrating navigating long threads on Brave.

Thanks so much for your help!

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