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How do we make that pop up about the essay scholarship go away for good? It fills the screen when I log on and then is a banner at the top. Is there a way to mark “dont show this again”?


Can we please have a “do not show me this again” option for both the essay pop up and the USC/Stanford/Berkeley, etc student pop ups?


Of course…you get double admission brownie points for that: (a) you developed an app; and (b) it’s a non-profit to boot!

What’s happening to my bookmarks?

Some—a very few, certainly not all or even most—of my bookmarks have gone un-bookmarked with no interaction from me.

First it happened with the “Parents of the HS Class of 2023” thread, but I figured it was probably my bad, I must have clicked something last visit to it.

But then this morning I want to post on the “Colleges your child crossed off the list after visiting, schools that moved up on the list. Why?” thread, so I go to my bookmarks to head over to it and it was gone! (And also hard to search for, since I couldn’t remember what the precise title is.)

I use bookmarks for the vast majority of my interaction with this site, and so those being unreliable is rather worrying to me.

(This thread remains bookmarked for me, though, so I could find it easily enough.)

Those “contest” emails are really annoying. Any way to stop them short of stopping all email from cc?


The “unread” at the top of the page has disappeared. I still have “latest” and “new.” How do I restore “unread”?

Unread should be back now!

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Unread is back for me too, but FYI, to get to unread you can use a shortcut by holding down G then simultaneously pressing U. You can do this for new (GN), and latest (GL) too.

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That won’t work on a tablet.

True, but I use Apple’s magic keyboard with my tablet, so it does work in that instance! And I love the magic keyboard!

I’m having so many issues this week. First on my cell and now on my laptop.

Hi, I am getting a pop up asking me to make my list of schools. I don’t want to and there is no way to minimize or make it go away other than clicking through and then closing and going back to the page I want to read. I can’t imagine it is supposed to be like that! Help.

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I’m getting that too on my phone. I ended up having to open up CC from a cache to get back on the site.

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