Wellesley Class of 2024 waitlist thread

I’m a waitlisted international applicant. It’s already the second week of May but I didn’t hear anything about getting in off Wellesley’s waitlist… I thought I would make this thread for anyone that was waitlisted by Wellesley for the Class of 2024 so we can know if the admission has started working on waitlist or sth.

For reference, SAT 1500, GPA 3.7 (my school adopts gpa deflation) and 9 APs (5 in 6 subjects and 4 in 3). I handed in love letter and updates on April 2nd. Till now the responses are nothing special.

Also an international and waitlisted , no response yet from Wellesley

not international, also waitlist. no response.

As American you stand higher chances , anyway we keep the faith.best wishes .

Same, international applicant + haven’t heard anything from the waitlist.
After seeing many friends heard back from their waitlist, I become increasingly anxious. Just lower my expectation? :slight_smile:

Were your friends on the Wellesley waitlist?

non-international, waitlisted as well

Nah from other colleges
Hope for the best but prepare for the low
Good luck to everyone

Agreed, we hope , but prepare to move on as well.

Also on the waitlist, no word. I would have thought we would hear by now. I heard from a different wait list already…

Haven’t heard anything either, nor have I heard of anyone getting in so far. I think some colleges are being more cautious this year and considering who can actually attend. By the way, International student with an American passport.

Probably they are exercising caution. We keep praying

That makes me feel less anxious,
we just wait

waitlisted, american student and also have not heard anything back :frowning:

I telephoned the admission office and no one responded. I left a voicemail and they emailed me back. It was very official… They didn’t tell me if they have started to accept students from waitlist.

I also sent an enquiry and got an officail reponse that the final day of admissions from waitlist is August 1 feel they could have overenrolled. I have managed my expectations, knowing getting in will take nothing short of a miracle.

International, waitlisted student and haven’t heard from them as yet

Thank you for creating this thread!

What do you guys think? Will they take more students off the waitlist, this year? (I really hope they do)