What are my chances of getting into a BA/DMD program

I am really interested into going to a BA/DMD program in college. I want to get in to Rutgers Honors College and then get into their joint degree program and I’m also applying to NYU and UoP. I was also looking into Columbia even thought I’m not sure if they have this program. I have a 3.9 GPA and 33 ACT score. For extracurriculars, I was on the hockey team for two years, Club for including people with special needs for two years, and I volunteer every weekend for a family with a child with special needs. I also had a job for junior year. I took AP Bio and got a 3 (i have a good excuse ;( ). I am currently taking AP Psych and APUSH. So what are my chances?

I am also going to the Decision for Dentistry program at Rutgers

Hi, I suggest you show some interest in dentistry. Based on my experience, standardized test scores and demonstrating passion/interest seemed the most important. It doesn’t have to be grand EC. Just watch some coursera courses about dentistry or if possible shadow some dentists (even if it’s for a day). At this point, focus on writing essays. Dental programs do require some additional supplements, so it’s nice to start writing early.

Hi, did you get accepted in any of the accel dental programs ? If yes, which ones and are there any tips?