What are my chances of getting into Choate or Loomis

I am currently taking the 7th and 8th grade at the same time. I attend a private school for 7th grade and an online school for 8th grade

—I have all As and have been on the honor roll since elementary school
—I was on a praise dance team and was student choreographer for 2 years
— I was Student council vice president
— I played the violin for 3 years
— I attended acting classes for 2 years
— I have 50 volunteer hours from cleaning up my community
— I attended a leadership conference called JrNYLC
— I am on the National Junior Honor Society
— I was student of the year
— I won first place in the science fair for making biodegradable plastic
— I played the piano for 5 years
— I have taken and EDX course from the college of Michigan on neuroscience
— I received a 2200 on the SSAT

You sound very eager to skip ahead in life! Are you already 8th grade age is that why you are trying to do 7th and 8th at the same time?

I will say the same thing I say to every kid - you are trying too hard to fill a resume. If you do not currently play violin, or take acting classes, it is not that relevant. On an application you can certainly list past awards (please nothing from 5th grade or younger though) but past activities that you don’t do anymore should be left out. The only exception is if they are something you took a break from but honestly plan to resume in BS. They are admitting who you are now, not who you were in 6th grade.

You are probably a strong candidate, you don’t need the extra filler.