What are my chances?

Hi I’m in 7th grade and I really want to attend Choate Rosemary Hall for high school. I’m not really impressive so I was just wondering what you though my chances would be .

Applying to 9th grade
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian (Cambodian)

SSAT: 85th percentile (my average on practice tests)
GPA: 4.0


Piano: I’ve played the piano for six years
Acting: I’ve taken acting classes for 3 years and I have been in two off broadway plays
Bake Sales: I’ve raise $2,000 for a cancer center in my neighborhood
Student Council: Treasurer and President
Junior Volunteer: I am hospital volunteer and I play games with hospitalized kids
National Junior Honor Society: I tutor kids in my school

I am interested in Science but I go to a small private school with no clubs. I plan to enter the breakthrough junior challenge next year. I am also in the running for valedictorian.

Any recommendations for finding extracurriculars?

I am also applying to Hotchkiss, Loomis, and Miss Porters.

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It is hard to chance you, but you seem qualified. I’d add more schools like Emma Willard, NMH, etc. It is very hard to get into schools.

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You sound like a great applicant! And your theater work is unusual and something that sets you apart from most other applicants.

Go ahead and apply to the schools you listed, for sure, but it is imperative that you add some schools with higher admit rates to your list. Read the threads from this uear, and you will see many very impressive kids shut out from every school they applied to. Please really think about this: although admit rates may be higher next year, they were around 13% for schools like Choate and Hotchkiss. 13% accepted means these schools are rejecting 87% of their applicants. 87%! And most of those kids are absolutely qualified, also with straight As, great ECs etc. So please add less selective schools to your list. I can’t speak to Miss Porters admit rate; I wouldn’t classify it as a " safety" though I do not know girls’ schools.

Off soapbox-- you sound like a fantastic applicant!

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Some, fun, cool, interesting stuff.

Off-Broadway shows as in NYC?

APPLY TO MORE SCHOOLS including those with meaningfully higher admissions rates.

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Acting in a couple of off-Broadway shows is impressive. That might be a good angle for a school like Choate that seems to have a fair amount of successful alums in the Entertainment business.

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During application process maybe you could send a vid of you playing the piano and really wow them. Also definitely elaborate reasons why you want to do science at these schools during interviews.

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