What Calculator should I get?

<p>I'm taking Physics, AP Calc AB, and AP Stats.</p>

<p>I prefer the TI's. If you get a TI calculator, you should get a TI-84 or better. I used the TI-NSpire for my AP Physics, Calc AB, and Stats classes and it was quite useful.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that for Physics and Calc AB/BC, you can put notes in your calculators. But for Stats, this is not possible b/c they must be erased prior to the exam. TI-Nspire makes life alot easier but if you buy one make sure you get a CX CAS model.</p>

<p>Yeah I heard a lot of great reviews about the cx cas. Do you know if the ti-nspire is allowed in all standardized exams? Because it does have a qwerty keyboard. </p>

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<p>TI-NSpire is allowed on all exams that allow a calculator. However, CAS calculators are banned on the ACT.</p>

<p>I got a ti nspire CAS CX and want to use it on the SAT
It says in the SAT website that you can't use one with a keyboard </p>

<p>But is ur till allowed ?</p>

<p>It is overkill but is allowed. Calculators with QWERTY keypads aren't allowed, but all TI-Nspires have an ABCDEF keypad, not QWERTY.</p>

<p>I bought it for my AP Calculus AB and AP Physics course not for the SAT lol thanks for your response.</p>