What does Rose-Hulman want to see?

Hello. I’m in my sophomore year of high school and have recently begun looking at colleges. I’m trying to see what I need to do to get into particular schools (e.g. what courses, average test scores, and an average GPA). Does anyone know what stands out to the admissions department at Rose. Thank You

Rose Hulman wants what all engineering schools want. Good test scores, good grades and AP classes in Calculus , Physics and Chemistry. Something else that is taking on increasing importance to schools is demonstration of interest. Schools want to keep their yield up with everyone applying to so many schools (this affects a schools USNews Ranking) so they are looking for signs of interest. Make sure you visit, interview, etc. For Rose Hulman going to Opetation
Catapult is a great way to show your interest in engineering to all schools and of course it helps with Rose Hulman admission too. You can look up test scores and grades lots of places. I recommend College Simply for now as not everyone else has adjusted SAT scores for the new test and they have.

@Active1 did your child attend Catapult? Which session? My son attended the first one (Early June) and had a blast!