What exam and how am I going to apply for Nyu Shanghai

Hi, I’ve been interested in applying for NYU Shanghai for a few years and lately I’ve been thinking about preparing myself when the time comes for me to apply for colleges and I’m just bit confused on how I’m going to apply for NYU Shanghai and proceed with the admission process because I’ve been living in the U.S all my life and have an U.S green card, but I have a Chinese citizenship and I wouldn’t be considered as study aboard since I grew up and studied all my life in the U.S, so I’m quite confused on what exams I have to take in order for me to apply for NYU Shanghai. Will I be allowed to follow the international admission process instead?

Admissions process for Chinese Nationals (and/or students where a parent is a Chinese National) is different. Most students apply to NYU directly. In your case I recommend reaching out to the NYU-SH directly.

Hey ! So did you get in ? I was wondering about this question, would I still have a chance to get into nyu shanghai if I put it as my first choice ? I’ve seen on youtube a lot of people who got in put nyu nyc as their first choice and go into nyu shanghai, so now i’m freaked out.