What music are you listening to to get the apps process?

<p>I've got Passion Pit on repeat over here; blasted Sleepyhead while I submitted Common App for my early action schools. Anyone have any suggestions for stress reducing music?</p>

<p>George Gershwin - Lullaby [piano vers]
Debussy - Ballade, Mazurka, Arabesque No. 1
Lushlife Project - Wurlitzer
Beats Antique - Egyptic
The Weepies </p>

<p>my music choices are all over the place D: sorry</p>

<p>A ton of acoustic indie stuff. I'm addicted to Alexz Johnson right now, personally. Plus, I've been obsessively listening to Under Cover of Darkness by The Strokes.
It all kind of varies depending on what I'm specifically working on. Essays = acoustic indie stuff, for sure.</p>

<p>vi, glad to find another classical fan! do you play something? i'm a pianist. have you listened to chopin? i like debussy, but chopin really does it for me. and hahaha i know what it's like to have a schizophrenic music taste; my itunes has everything from dubstep to liszt to guns n' roses to the doors. checking out beats antique now because i like the name :)</p>

<p>ready to learn: thanks! i need more essay writing music; anything to get the damn things done :/</p>

<p>Diana, I play piano and violin. I've played piano for over 10 years and violin for over 5 years but I'm pretty much semi-tone-deaf. I'm terrible at hitting high notes on the violin... I should be much better than I am now considering how long I've studied each instrument T.T ... I just love listening to classical music... especially opera. I just find opera a bit too dramatic [hah] and distracting during application processes. I'm bad at telling classical composers and singers apart from one another. I know when I like a song. I can barely tell what time something was written in or whether a pro would call it 'good'. But I don't think that really matters a lot of the time. </p>

<p>I've listened to Chopin before. I tried playing some of his waltzes too .... the simpler, popular ones... and it's really difficult for me ^^ [i'm one of those.. uh.. kids who aren't gifted but do it anyway... and really annoy the perfect-pitch people in orchestra, especially when I screw up chords]</p>

<p>I usually post up songs in my blog or status messages and they swing around from genre to gerne. Bocelli one then My Chemical Romance ... then it goes to some random musical group rendition of songs from Aida .... then to songs from Chicago .... then back to obnoxious pop music. </p>

<p>Are you into Classical Crossover? AKA Popera/pop-opera ?
Kinda like Phantom of the Opera, Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli ... that kinda music ?</p>