What's the University of St Andrews like?

Hi, my name’s Fiona, and I’m a US applicant considering applying to the University of St Andrews for an undergraduate degree in psychology. I’m trying to find out whether St Andrews is right for me, but it’s hard to glean much information from the promotional videos and glossy website. What is studying at St Andrews really like? What are the students like? What is the psychology program like?

We visited St. Andrews, and their info session was the best we attended anywhere - very informative. I looked to see if they have anything virtual, and it seems they have a virtual visiting day coming up next week. Maybe take a look and see if you can participate and if it would be helpful: Undergraduate virtual visiting days - Study at St Andrews - University of St Andrews Also, if you search on St. Andrews, you will find there are a lot of threads on CC that talk about the school. Our S19 was also interested in Psychology, and we were able to visit the Psychology Department and meet with one of the Professors. We were impressed and thought it would be a terrific place to study. The campus and the town of St. Andrews are intermixed and very beautiful, although I imagine it would be quite cold in the winter. In the end my son decided he wanted more of a US college experience, primarily because the UK schools don’t have varsity sports in the same sense, but if it were me . . .


St Andrews is an outlier in UK universities, in that it is the most similar to a US uni. This is deliberate- they actively recruit internationally and they make a lot of effort to be an easy (or easier) transition from the US system to the UK.

Even StA’s, however, will expect you to be an adult- you will be sorting out your 2nd year housing (almost certainly off campus) almost as soon as you get there.

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Thank you; I’ve already attended StA’s virtual open day, but I’ll be sure to check out some StA threads!

Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind!