Where are students Happiest Furman Wofford Elon Rollins

We are considering the above schools for my daughter and like parts of each of these (Elon, Furman, Wofford and Rollins) with some concerns for each of these. Any insights to the right amount of friendliness rigor and social life?

Hi Alena22,

In full disclosure, I am a Terrier alum and dad of Son Class of 25. My son looked at both Elon and Wofford and chose Wofford because for him, athletically and socially it was a great fit. He really liked Elon, but had a bit of a more northeastern vibe and was much bigger, but what really broke the tie was the price difference in the two.

At Wofford the greek life is dominant, but almost everyone participates and everyone participates in 2-3 other campus activities. It is a really nice mix. Depending on your geography it can be a little southern of course, only because that is where most of the students are from.

Thank you, My daughter and I like Elon and Wofford the best. We live in NC but I originally hailed from NJ 22 years ago. I like certain things about each. My one fear is the limited number of classes at Wofford- no unique majors like exercise science or communications et. Just the basics but the atmosphere is awesome. Still have more research to do as my daughter is a rising Senior.

My D recently committed to Elon. She got two merit scholarships, including one for a Fellows program. The parents in the Facebook group and from my town are very happy with the school. It is popular for Northeast students and they would like to recruit more from CA, IL, TX and other states. My D is not interested in Greek life and easily found a similar roommate. She will do an outdoor adventure trip to meet other Elon students this summer before starting school. I think the rigor varies, but some of the students we met had impressive jobs lined up after graduation.

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Okay, this a fair point- Elon is going to beat Wofford on specific majors and programs; however, Wofford absolutely will give you the best all around liberal arts education that will lead you into further professional programs.

There are many, and I mean many Wofford graduates who are physicians, psychologists, research Phds, pharmacists, dentists and lawyers. Of those many, a lot have non-traditional majors for their current fields because the Wofford experience makes you extremely flexible due to the rigor and the broad base built from general education requirements.

One last point, personal story I have shared before on other threads. At 19 I was certain I wanted to be DVM. After a couple of classes in political science, biology, economics and philosophy I became a Biology and Government double major. I went on to get my Masters in Environmental Science and I now work in the field of Sustainability. If I had niched too early, I may not have found my true calling. Wofford’s majors allowed me to choose my own adventure, so to speak.

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Appreciate your feedback, I went to Dickinson ( I believe we spoke on another feed) I am an orthodontist and knew that is what I wanted so I was able to just pick my favorite college. My daughter is undecided on study- so I was just curious limited offerings when undecided, not getting to take like: sports management or nutrition etc. if this was a potential problem even though we like the school better

I’m happy for your daughter. We like it there too.

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My D is finishing her freshman year at Wofford and couldn’t be happier. She has made a great group of friends and has excelled academically. One interesting thing we noted when we were in Spartanburg for Parents Weekend was how many parents that both went to Wake Forest (like us) have children at Wofford. I think it has a similar feel to Wake from 30 years ago.

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so helpful thank you