Why This Discussion is Ridiculous

<p>If I don't get into an Ivy League college or a top LAC, I am going to die. If the rejection letter comes back December 15th (yes I applied ED), then my world will end. I may as well commit suicide. If I get rejected, it means that no one loves me and I will have a horrible life. I will probably end up a bum on the streets of Manhattan, instead of living on the UES in a four bedroom apartment. </p>

<p>Think again.</p>

<p>This website frusturates me, and this is why. This whole "What Are My Chances Thing"? All it does is to feed into all the hype about the college process. OMG, I got a 1560 instead of a 1600...should I cancel my SAT scores? Is Harvard still going to accept me? Even worse, a post I saw here last year "I am a ninth grader, what can I do to get into Princeton". I felt like writing her to say, "Babe, there is a huge chance that when you apply in two years, you won't WANT to go to Pton, because hopefully you will change throughout HS-there is no use planning now, you don't know who you will BE in 2 years". This is what the college process does. It forces you to make decisions early on about what you will want in the future, but you don't know what you want because, let's face it, we're teenagers and what we want changes ever second. And ok. You can whine to me, "But I've always wanted to go to Harvard because..." and that's fine. Power to you. But you need to stop obsessing.</p>

<p>I hate how people on this board post their entire life to unknown viewers and let the unknown, unqualified people tell them their future. Remember kids, the people on this board are just other teenagers like us, college students who only have THEIR OWN experience to go by, and uninformed parents who, excuse me if I offend you, just don't get the college process because it is so different from when they applied. Even if these parents have kids who went through the process last year, they are still uninformed because they know of only one case, one person, one experience. Don't make this the be all end all of your college advice. The people on this board DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, myself included.</p>

<p>That's right. I'm 17 years old. I don't know how to get into college. I'm just doing the best I can. I know that I put my app together and had it in on time, so hopefully stuff'll work out. I know that if I get rejected, it'll be ok. I'll go to another school, there is always another school. Hey, maybe if I get rejected from ALL THE SCHOOLS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (nightmare right) I'll take a year off, go to Europe, take photos of random people in Barcelona. Why not? I'm 17. My life is before me. My life will not be determined by where the fat envelopes come from. I'm worth more than that. </p>

<p>I am worth more than a random process that sometimes has great kids rejected. The stupidest guy I know goes to Harvard. The smartest girl I know goes to a community college near my house. She's got more ambition, more drive, more promise then he ever will. I'll place my college savings fund on that she gets to be CEO of a top corporation before he does (if he ever does). Where you go to college does not determine your worth as a human being. We are ALL much better then that. We are people, not numbers, not resumes, not SAT scores, not transcripts, not essays, not interviews. When a college rejects you, they are rejecting a piece of paper and a 10 minute conversation they had with you. That's not you. That's not me.</p>

<p>It is around 12:45 in the morning and I am writing this after one of my friends told me she was scared by some of the stuff people were posting on this inane website. I think I'm going to get some sleep. I'm a senior after all, and senior year should be about fun. I think I'll rest up for school tomorrow, maybe I'll even look at a college app, if I'm feeling up to it. </p>

<p>But you know what? If it's a great day tomorrow, I think I may go walk through Central Park on my way home, instead of rushing home to do those apps. I may go shoe shopping, I need a pair of black ballet flats. I may just sit around the Senior Lounge and read Cosmo and be completly unproductive with my friends. That's what I'll remember years to come. I won't remember my SAT scores, or if I got into HYP or not. That stuff's not important. It all works out in the end. I'd rather make memories, then perfect grades, and I'd rather be happy then stressed.</p>

<p>All I have to say is Good Luck to everyone and remind everyone to Chillax. We're kids, we shouldn't be that stressed yet. We can be stressed in four years when the real world comes knocking on our door (or when we apply to grad school).</p>

Skeptical Senior</p>

<p>hey I understand exactly what you're saying. but you know, people (me included) want reassurance that they may or may not find here. When your future is as uncertain as it is at the present, having another's opinion, both good or bad, eases the nerves and anxiety.</p>

<p>yay UES and shoe shopping. i <3 ny</p>

<p>fortunately, i have a perscription for Chillax and i take 2 every night before bed!</p>

<p>That's good. Very good. I hope you're not mocking me, I can't tell and I just want to give people a new way to see this process.</p>

<p>Haha, no I'm not mocking you. Really, I thought your post was very insightful and well-written, and I couldn't agree with you more. But what the heck, it's like 2 AM in New York and you are writing on College Confidential? Maybe you need some Chillax!</p>


<p>Gee, what a way to be skeptical there. I (just like most people) post here just to see what other people's opinions are. We don't take these opinions for granted. Someone may say to me that I will get into a certain school, but I still doubt it. </p>

<p>About the chillax, well I'm up at 2AM and I still got AP Biology hw. It's boring as anything. (I mean who cares for Krebs and his stupid cycle?)</p>

<p>BTW, I read your post on my thread, and I take that as your opinion, just like all the other posts are opinions.</p>

<p>right on target SkepticalSeniorNYC, my younger brother laughs at the people going through all this stress and says "its pointless"</p>

<p>That was the most awesome post I've ever read, I must tell you. We do stress too much, like i'm looking through this, rather than doing all my AP Gov hw, when I know even if I work all evening I'll be up till 1am. Somehow this website is reassuring, although its counterintuitive. Every time I visit its just like feeding a drug addiction, you just get sucked into it more. Who knows I suppose we all just need the anonymity (although it doesn't really exist I realized I know someone who posted on my thread) and so we feel like while people are judging us, they aren’t judging us. But yes there are definitely people here who need to chill. I hope you find the best black ballet shoes. One of those, “these were $100, but for no reason we reduced these to $5” when they are EXACTLY what you had wanted.</p>

<p>You are absolutely correct; I was surprised that people did not realize the fact.</p>

<p>I completely agree. Is there really that much difference between a Harvard education and a University of _______________ education? Only what you put into it. People who are driven will make something of themselves no matter where they go to school.</p>

<p>Most people on here don't want to just here, yes you will absolutely get into all of those colleges. They want to hear honest opinions from other college-bound students or college students themselves. Also a lot of the other kids are nervous too, b/c there are no set rules for college admissions, and want to know what people think, who are in there shoes. It may not feel good to hear a bunch of people say you have no chance, but at least they heard it from an unbiased source such as parents and friends. When a friend tells me I will get into so and so school, it is hard to believe it, b/c they might just be appeasing you. If a parent says so, you can't rely on that b/c you probably know more about the process from them. But, by at least posting here an unbiased source can give feedback. Also, not all people that post are 1600 people, a lot are lower and want to know what to do for a better shot at admissions. Its reassuring to the people that want to go to harvard, but hear that they have no shot, b/c now they know that they shouldn't waste an ED application on a no-reach school. Although you may see this site as for the most self-centered students, it is not. It provides an outlet for unbiased opinions for those that are truly looking for them, as per the 1600 4.8 kids, they are nothing but loners who study, and their only outreach is this. To those that are reading it, continue to post if you have something honest or helpful to say, to those of you who don't like this site, look it over once more to see the true reality of it, and then if you don't like, just don't visit it.</p>

<p>Andrew is right too, this site should emphasize that a little more.</p>

<p>wow, awesome post Skeptical senior.</p>

<p>I like to come here to lounge around and have nice friendly discussions or help someone in their hour of need. i also hate the chances forum.</p>

<p>Relax and don't take this seriously. First, there is more bad advive here than I've ever before seen in one place. The "you;re in" comments and "no chance" are just silly. I have a work study job in the admissions office of an ivy. Trust me, the majority of people posting here don't have a clue what they're talking about! Enjoy your senior year and pick a school that's a good fit. Grad school is more important and just do well in college.</p>

<p>Yeah, I would prefer just to through out reasonable suggestions(College search and disscussion forum). Heck, I've never posted a "what are my chances" thread because I probably know more about my ED school than anyone else does. I just hope that come December 15, I will know where I am going. And if I get deferred...I'll be.....upset to say the least.</p>

<p>Right, skeptical senior, keep being skeptical.
You're a product of typical, good-natured American individualism; it's great to have your post for us to peruse over.
But you know, given my family pressure and personal goals, it's extremely hard to throw it away. I came to this website not only to be soothed, but also, really, to hear opinions from others in how to revise my essays, etc. And till now I have found it quite helpful.</p>

<p>ignorance is bliss when it comes to college confidential</p>

<p>Hey, I don't blame ya, skeptical senior. I'm just a 9th grader. Personally, I don't think you've seen the worst of it. Our school recently had a "How your freshmen year can ruin your life" presentation. I know 7th grades who complain about studying for the SAT's. But some people are born obsessive. I go to a private school where kids are not allowed to hang out with me because I'm not Asian, worst of all, I'm blonde. So why an I here? Easy! To prove them wrong! Also, us 9th graders have the hardest time. More people were born in our year than any other, and of course with all these college admissions rates rising..... Poof!!!!!! So I'm on here to prove something. Ok, Vaish88 is right we're addicted. Our souls are being sucked away. But that already happens at school, so let's just..... chillax. <em>passes out</em></p>

<p>That's horrible. Seems to be a cultural phenomenon, Asian parents putting immense stress on their children to get into the Ivies or top 10's. Not trying to generalize, but it does seem to be common among the Asian users here.</p>

<p>My parents view of the whole affair: "Go wherever you want and we'll pay for it and support you all the way."</p>

<p>They'll think no different, of me, love me no less, feel no differently about me if I go to Harvard or Boise State. And I can't be more grateful for that.</p>