Will a 4 on an AP test hurt my chances at Oxford?

I am an American student (going into senior year) applying for History. I have taken four AP Tests so far- World History, US History, Language and Composition, and European History. I got 5s on the first three, but a 4 on European. I love British, Italian, and French history, but I was not as prepared as I should have been on German and Russian history, and that seriously cost me. Just to note, I am retaking the European History test this May to get a 5 (I’ve already started studying), and I’d like to make a note of that on my application. I also got a 33 on the ACT, so I meet their requirements in that respect (would have been higher, but math and science are not my strong suits and thus they both brought my score down. I got a 36 on the writing portion and I believe a 33/34 on the reading comprehension). I am very nervous because I love history and I very badly want to go to Oxford. I am also taking the SAT subject tests for English Literature and US History in October. Also, I am taking AP tests for Macroeconomics, Comparative Government, US Government, Literature & Composition, Art History, and French (And European History, of course) in the spring. Do I still have a chance at getting in? It’s been my dream for awhile and I really don’t want to give it up- I’d at least like to get to the interview process.

Also, does the writing sample we have to submit (not the personal statement- the writing sample graded by a teacher) have to correspond to the subject we are applying for? Neither of my history classes this past year (US and European) had much writing to them, so I really don’t have any history writing samples. On the contrary, I have plenty of good writing samples and essays from English classes.

Thank you!

The 4 in Euro will obviously hurt, but if you are predicted a 5 in the re-sit AND you do really well on the HAT you could well get an interview invite.

The writing sample really should correspond to the subject, esp in history where you will be writing 1-2 research papers every week. If you won’t have an essay assigned in time for your history class this autumn I would seriously suggest asking your teacher to assign you one, write it and have them grade it in time to submit it.

Thank you, any other answers?