Wofford and Furman Merit Scholarships

My son is looking at both of these schools as his top two. He is currently a junior.

What are the scholarship opportunities that you have found or been offered from these schools?

We will not qualify for financial aid and he will need merit aid to attend since these schools are out of the family budget. He has a 4.0, will be a National Merit Scholar with 11 AP classes by the end of 2019, Eagle Scout, marching band and involved in several honors programs and community organizations.

I can speak about Furman. If your son is a SC resident, he will probably qualify for the Lottery money. Additionally there is a SC tuition grant that may be available which is currently up to about 3200. National Merit is an additional $1000 if no need, 2000 if there is need. Furman specific scholarships will include the Furman Scholars of 5000 per year (student must be submitted by his school by April 1 of Jr. year so make sure your guidance office does this immediately). The Furman Scholar award does not stack if Furman awards more than 20000 in other Furman money. The Bell Tower, which differs widely for each student, but can be up to $25,000 and maybe a little more. This is the fairly easy merit award money.

Given his stats, he may qualify for the named scholarships (they replace the Furman Scholar and/or Bell Tower). These are HIGHLY competitive and students are invited to an interview process. The big one is the James Duke which provides full tuition and stipends for internships and study abroad. The Hollingsworth (SC residents) and Townes (OOS) provide $35,000 in tuition per year plus the stipends. Depending on your son’s test scores, he may get invited to the interview.

There are other departmental awards that, depending on his major, may be available. The Music department awards a good amount of money if he is interested in continuing his music and probably requires auditions.

Wofford, like Furman will hold true with the SC State monies, as well as, National Merit. Wofford’s scholarship program includes the Wofford Scholars Program - a guarantee of a minimum $15,000 per year, and as a scholar students can complete for the Richardson and Daniel awards, which are full scholarships. All money at Wofford will stack, regardless of source or amount. So as a Wofford scholar, all additional sources are applicable - regardless of how much money Wofford has provided.

All of Wofford’s scholarships are not limited to residency requirements like Furman’s Hollingsworth scholarship.

Best advice is to visit both. They are about an hour apart and many students who see one will see both. From there, your son will have the ability to decipher where he may fit best - and you have the opportunity to speak with admissions folks at both schools to ask more detailed questions regarding aid and scholarship availability.

Thank you for your replies.
We have visited both schools and are doing repeat visits in April. We have met with the staff in admissions and will do so again on our return visits.
We are GA residents and eligible for full tuition in our state. We are also looking at GA schools but these two are in our top two so far.

The stacking versus non-stacking is huge information to know. In the end, this could be the game changer.

My son was nominated for Furman and Wofford Scholars. We found out last week that he has been named a Furman Scholar with $20,000 per year. We are still waiting to hear from Wofford. I am hopeful that these nominations open door to additional opportunities.