Wofford Scholars II

Got my Wofford Packet today along with the results from Wofford Scholars and an invitation to Scholars Day 2. I didn’t even know this was a thing. What should I expect?

Congrats @Mauriciog . Son was admitted today as well with good merit, bout not asked back for Scholars Day 2. Good luck!

Thanks @carolinamom2boys I hope it goes well!

when are we all supposed to get the packets if we applied ea?

says Feb. 1st on the website but 4 of my friends got it today. @notronaldreagan

sorry for another question but did you get an email or just the letter?? im hoping it isnt bad i havent heard any word yet. I got an email last week about a very special announcement that was going to happen this week and still nothing.

We got a package, but we’re instate.

@notronaldreagan The people I know that got the packages were Wofford Scholars. If you just applied EA without doing scholars maybe they will be sticking to the original date.

I’m an out of state scholar so maybe that explains it

We are out of town for Christmas so won’t see the packet until next week. Did your son’s email today have the same information as his letter? My son’s email only said he’s in but had no mention of merit aid. It’s disappointing if he really didn’t receive any merit aid. Surprising, frankly.

@this8120 The info on the portal did not include merit info. I would be very surprised if your son didn’t receive any merit. Wofford has a reputation of being generous with merit. Is your son a Wofford Scholar , and did he attend interview weekend ? If he did, he’s guaranteed at least 5000.00. Good luck.

We attended the Wofford scholar events and he loves the school. I forgot about the $5,000. Thank you! We will go back to enjoying Christmas now. :slight_smile::slight_smile:

We attended Wofford Scholars as well and the merit my son received was quite a bit more than that. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised @this8120 .

My senior also got the invite to Scholars Day II along with her acceptance and merit award. The invitation says she has the opportunity to compete for more scholarships. I would love to hear from anyone who has any more information about what to expect, how many will be there, etc. Thank you!

@jedm417 I emailed the office with questions but the office is on vacation so I’ll post whenever they get back to me

Thanks, Mauricog. I woul appreciate that.

I recommend wearing at least a tie. We expect roughly 50 prospective students to participate in February. The interview will be similar to what you had in November, but you will be interviewed individually instead of interviewing as a group. The questions tend to be a little more direct also. I know this is easy for me to say, but we don’t want the interviews to be too stressful. I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

My son was accepted and got a merit award but did NOT get an invite to another scholars day. I was wondering if you would mind sharing how much your daughter’s merit offer is at this time. Thanks!

@Mauriciog Thank you for posting. It looks like you cut and pasted the reply from Wofford. Is that correct?

@this8120 Yeah that was straight from whoever is coordinating the event