Yellow background?

What is the yellow background thing?

What yellow background thing?

This one. Shows up on my iPad. In landscape mode only.

Interesting. I’ll leave that for @CCAdminMike

This was a hard screen shot to take. When I click on a forum to open it…this very quickly appears…then the forum opens…and the yellow is gone.


I had that this morning but it’s gone now. Also on an iPad, also in landscape mode.

I have it on my Mac laptop on the main Forum page but not when I click into a thread.

It’s part of an ad. On my laptop when there’s a certain ad in the left sidebar that has that yellow in it, it extends across the rest of the screen. Looks okay as far as an ad I guess. I don’t pay any attention to them. I don’t think it’s a bug or anything. Looks intentional.

I get it all the time…doesn’t matter what ad is in any corner anyplace. The two pics I’ve posted on this thread…consistent.

Next time I get that ad on my computer I’ll screen shot it. If I remember.

@thumper1 it’s an ad for ACT. Covers the whole screen background.

Now how would anyone know it’s an ad for ACT? You see my screen shot of the whole page above. No mention of anything in it. Frankly…it’s just a distraction.

I agree. I think it depends on the device you are using.

iPad. But others above are using laptops.

It doesn’t appear as background on my desktop, but I do get an ACT ad when I log in, whihc I have to click off to remove. The ACt ad is yellow with colored stripes.

ACT background showing up on tablets was a bug that we resolved today. Generally it should only show up on devices that are wide enough to show the branding of the partner.

Thank you @CCAdminMike . The yellow is gone!