YES Competition 2008

<p>Has anyone received notification of semi-finalist or finalist status in the YES competion for 2008?</p>

<p>What is YES competion?</p>

Never mind, I just find out what it's by googling it.</p>

<p>I haven't gotten anything yet. Supposedly the results come out on March 25th and so that's when you get notified. Can anyone confirm that?</p>

<p>Sorry. Typo. YES Competition.<br>
kutibah- Just thinking 3/25 is awful close to 4/4 DC date and hoped they might notify finalists before that date to make travel arrangements. The website does say posting will be 3/25.</p>

<p>Young</a> Epidemiology Scholars Competition
Here's the link.</p>

<p>Bump, bumpity, bump.</p>