YYGS 2022 Discussion Thread

I don’t think a thread has been made for YYGS 2022 yet, so I made one. I am applying to YYGS 2022 early action, with financial aid.

i’m also applying ea!! it’s a reach for me but fingers crossed :slight_smile: good luck!

They announced that YYGS is going to be online. Very disappointing. My older S did YYGS summer of 2019 and it was fantastic. The best part was meeting the others IRL. As such, my younger S won’t be applying. Good luck to all of you!

yeah, the decision to have it online seemed a little odd as it really is so far in the future. of course, safety first- but they said they talked to some prospective students. i was very curious to what they meant by this. what students did they talk to…?