Accepted at Wofford and Furman

<p>My son has been accepted at Wofford and Furman. I would like input on both schools from current students, past students and parents of students.</p>

My child is also trying decide between Wofford and Furman. Can anyone share pros and cons of each?

My son was also accepted to Wofford and Furman. We are waiting for the financial aid package from Furman, also we are attending both Accepted Days on the 24th and the 26th to make a final decision.

My daughter was accepted to Wofford and Furman as well. Furman offered her about $7,000 more than Wofford but Wofford is at least $10,000 less. We are going to Wofford accepted student’d day this Sunday.

also interested in hearing from students and parents about Wofford vs Furman