Adelphi dental program

Hey I’m currently in high school and I am considering going to the Adelphi dental program. I have a 92 gpa weighted and a 1490 sat score. I shadowed a dentist for 3 years and did volleyball for three years. What are my chances of getting into the program?

It is a competitive program. I would suggest getting a higher sat or act score and showing some strengths in bio or chem (either by AP or competitions). 3 years of shadowing sounds more than enough. After that, essays and interviews are pretty important. The supplementary essay is a pretty lengthy one so try brainstorming early for a good essay. Also, the interview is a 30 min skype interview. Approximately 30 students are asked for interviews and around 10 students get into the program. Good luck!

thank you for responding. so you think i should try getting higher than a 1490! I thought that was pretty high.