Admissions 2023

FYI Looks like decisions are starting to be made for EA. My son’s portal updated to Received - Decisioned today, but no letter yet.

Us too. Received - Decisioned. Waiting on the mail. Good Luck!

DD’s says the same thing. I think it takes a few days to show up online. Good luck!!

Mine changed today, too.

My son got his acceptance letter. He’s at school today, so he must have received via portal. Woo-Hoo! Still waiting on two more schools, but he’s got good choices.

My admissions decision was just posted and I am accepted! Can’t wait to tell my family

My decision was posted today, also. I was accepted. Good luck to everyone!

If my portal account says Received - Decisioned, but doesn’t have a link to an acceptance letter, should I just assume I was denied? I haven’t received anything in the mail yet

@WaveReader , doesn’t necessarily mean you have been denied. Mine said “received - decisioned” for about 2-4 days. when your decision is ready, a red-ish popup box will appear to tell you to view your decision. after you open it once and close the tab, it will be in your to-do list. not sure if the display is different for a denial, but that is what mine looked like.

@WaveReader It is sort of hard to find the “see decision” icon. It is sort of buried in the list down under. You have to physically click on it to see it.

My Daughter’s portal was updated on Monday with “received- decisioned” and today it was updated with “Your admission decision is available online”. She was ACCEPTED!

SAT: 1210
GPA: 3.458 W, 3.3 UW
Rank: 121/300
Extra: Captain Varsity HS & Club Volleyball, Multiple Clubs, Work, Community service hours, No AP, 10 Honors
State Residency: PA
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female

Applied Early Action?: Yes
Applied: 10/1
Decision date: 12/13
Decision/College: Accepted/College of Business
Campus: Wilmington

SAT: 1250 (1280 superscored)
GPA: weighted 94.05
School Stats: 6 AP courses over 3 years (0-1-3-2), 7 honors over 4 years
EC’s: JV soccer captain, varsity soccer captain, varsity swim captain, student body Vice President, in 4 clubs, over 85 hours of community service (through a non-for profit organization and in a hospital emergency room)

Residency: New York
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Application: Early Action
Intended Major: Psychology
Admissions Decision: Accepted !

SAT: 1200
ACT: 27
GPA: 3.2 W
Extracurricular: Varsity softball (4 years), Travel Softball, JV Basketball, Basketball Team Manager, AAU Basketball, CYO Basketball, Student Body President, Member of 4 clubs, 2 summer camps at other colleges, about 95 service hours.
School Stats: 2 advanced classes, 1 honors class over 4 years.

Residency: In State
Gender: Female
Application: Early Action
Intended Major: Film Studies
Admissions Decision: Accepted

SAT: 1240
ACT: 27
GPA: unweighted GPA 3.4
School Stats: The school she attends only offers honor classes as a minimum (no regular classes). So all of her classes were honors, several AP and dual enrollment college courses; lots of extra curricular activities - sports, clubs, leadership roles, p/t employment, 100+ hours of community service, and internships. The school does not rank.

Residency: New Jersey
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Application: Early Action
Intended Major: Nursing (the nursing program at UNCW is not a direct admit, so she has to apply Sophomore year)
Admissions Decision: Accepted on 12/13 (whoohoo!!!)

Sent in ACT Score
My school does not rank. 9 AP classes. Sports, clubs, leadership roles, employed, 500+ community service hours.

Residency: NC
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Application: Early Action
Intended Major: Nursing
Accepted on December 7! (was not informed through email, I checked my portal that night and it was there, got an acceptance packet on Dec 14).

Has any one that has been deferred from EA heard back yet? I was hoping it would be earlier than April 1st.

My son was not EA. He was regular application, but got a letter of acceptance on Feb. 7! MUCH earlier than expected.

When did you apply?

Sorry I did not see your question until now! He applied just a day or two before the Jan. 15 deadline.

My daughter’s portal changed to “Decisioned” on Friday and her acceptance was posted today. She applied over Christmas break.