African-American HS Class of 2023

Hello Everyone! I hope this thread becomes active as we get deeper into the admissions season. My S23 is hoping to major in computer science and has applied to the following EA (we are Virginia residents):
Virginia Tech, George Mason, UMD - College Park, CWRU, Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Rose-Hulman, Pitt (rolling), VCU (rolling - admitted).
He’s planning to apply to Cornell, Rice, and Harvey Mudd for RD, but we’ll see if those plans hold. Best of luck to all of your '23s!


Good luck to him!


Good luck to everyone here this cycle!


Same to you and other parents. The year is certainly flying by, which I have to constantly remind my kiddo since it seems like the motivation has taken a hit since applying EA a few weeks ago-- I can’t believe decisions are right around the corner. It is a good idea to get those RD apps done before hearing from any EA schools.

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Hello! Glad someone got a thread up and running.

It’s always nice to have a dedicated space on CC given some of the craziness on the other threads. For example, I’m not interested in debating how racist a campus culture may be with people whose kids aren’t affected by it in the same way AA and Latinos are. Though it’s funny to hear posters comment that their non-students of color find a campus diverse and welcoming. Um…it’s just not the same context! I stopped posting on CC for a while and just observed, but I’ve been slowly wading back in depending on the topic.

My S23 is applying to engineering schools. It’s a very different process than D20 who wanted an LAC. He submitted a bunch of EA applications and one ED. 8 down and 8 to go! :crazy_face: He was already accepted to Pitt (Swanson engineering) and even earned a Cathedral of Learning Scholarship worth $80k ($20k/year). It’s not his first choice, but we’re thrilled for the early acceptance and money from a solid engineering school. It’s always nice to get the first acceptance to let you know you’re a viable candidate.

Good luck to everyone as we enter the hectic last month of apps!


Same here. Yeah, “diversity” is a very relative term for others but for AAs, it has a very different meaning since our experience is certainly different. Congrats with your kid’s early acceptances and scholarships!! My DD23 is also applying for engineering so it is always nice knowing other folks will be pursuing that path. I find it challenging not being a nag because I am pushing her to complete 10 more apps before she hears from her EA school. Unfortunately, she keeps a busy schedule (as I am sure most other kids) so she is constantly faced with prioritizing her time between studying for tests (which seem to be everyday) and all of the extracurriculars.


My son23 is also a Comp Sci major. We live in Texas. He applied to most larger TX universities, and Rice. Also- USC, UCLA, Georgia Tech, UChicago, Carnegie Mellon, UPenn & MIT. He’s got great stats, but those schools are ridiculously competitive, so we’ll see. So far he’s been accepted to Texas A&M and Baylor. I think USC is his first choice. We are on pins & needles waiting, but happy that at least all apps have been completed and turned in. Good Luck everyone!!


Congrats. Texas A+M is a great admit to have in hand!


Texas A&M is a great acceptance to have- especially so early in the process. Great school, but it’s huge (50,000 students). Whew!

Yeah, I don’t think everyone can handle a school that large but great option for a self driven student.


I am happy to report that my DD got into Yale. She is interested in STEM/Engineering. She attended the Multicultural Open House a few months ago and she really enjoyed the program and it solidified her interest in the school.


Congratulations to your daughter!!! :star_struck:

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Thrilled that S was just accepted to Cornell Engineering! What a wonderful early Christmas gift. :grin:



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Excited that my DD is a Morehead-Cain Finalist at UNC Chapel Hill and a National Scholars Program Finalist at Clemson. She’s been invited to Spelman’s Scholar Preview Day, but no scholarship information was in her portal. Anyone familiar with that particular Preview Day? I’m aware that it’s an invite only event, but does this mean she’s on the short list for a sizeable award?


After finally seeing her FA offer, this preview day appears to be a selective marketing event for high EFC students. We’ll pass.


Bummer. That’s disappointing.

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Was anyone accepted to UMD via early action? My kid was accepted so now we are digging for information on the AA experience there.