American University Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

Yes, it does. Scroll down and do the cost estimator. It asks for it there.

That’s a different tool. Which is based on averages and medians, so not surprising it’s off considering this was Early Decision. As the site reads: “This is just an estimated range. And it’s accurate for approximately 90% of families with your financial profile. It’s important to note that our more detailed analysis of your family finances may differ considerably.”

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AU as a rule normally doesn’t change merit aid unless it’s to take it away, need-based however can be increased, although it’s rare.

Yes, they ALL say that but that is what Financial Aid told us to use to calculate it.

Yes, a school is going to tell you to use their calculator. The point is that NPCs and cost estimators are normally off, especially in Early Decision rounds.

Do you have any idea if any are started yet?

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They are normally started by students, not the University.

Good morning, I was hoping those who have either received a merit award and/or scholarships from AU or experienced parents could share a bit more information about those two subjects. More specifically, our family will not qualify for need based aid, but we also will not be able to support a $71K a year price tag, so like others, are anxious to hear both about admissions and merit award/scholarship packages from the university. More specifically, has anyone received a combination of a merit award PLUS a scholarship, or a significant scholarship, and if so, would you mind posting the circumstances? Also, is merit at all tied to Honors? Our son is very interested in AU (and more specifically their Journalism and CLEG programs). We have a lot of demonstrated interest and a strong (not perfect but strong) academic record, great extracurriculars, essays and LORs. Thank you in advance to those who will reply with info.

Merit aid at AU is tied to SAT/ACT scores and GPA. The higher those are, the more likely students are to get merit aid.
Merit aid at AU typically falls under one of three categories (and fluctuate from year to year):
AU Presidential Scholarship ($15k-$20k a year)
AU Deans’ Scholarship ($10k a year)
AU Leadership Scholarship ($5k a year)
Keep in mind that these scholarships are given out to only about 25% of the incoming class (for Class of 2026, this was 511 students). Almost all of AU’s given aid is need-based.

AU does not offer scholarships outside of normal merit aid unless students apply to them directly or are part of a specific program. These include the District Scholars Award (for DC residents), the United Methodist Scholarship (for students in the church), the National Merit Scholarship (for NM finalists), Athletic Scholarships, or Tuition Exchange (for students of employees). AU does accept scholarships from outside institutions if your child is interested.

No. AU does not offer scholarships for the honors program.

AU does offer extra scholarships after freshman year through individual schools, which in this case would be SOC or SPA.

Thank you for this information. Since the university has a test optional policy, how is merit aid treated for students who did not submit SAT/ACT scores?

When a student applies without test scores, merit scholarships are typically decided by GPA, grade, and other classroom performance.

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