Auburn University 2024 EA admission and applications

Starting thread for 2024 applications and admissions. War Eagle!! We have a senior currently at Auburn and 2 seniors in high school. Both our daughter and our son applied yesterday for the 1st EA round. We are OOS (North Carolina) anyone else apply already?


My son just applied as well. We are OOS (GA).

Did your kiddos apply through the common app or auburns app? I’m hearing how auburns app only asks for demo info, transcript and test scores…no essay or lor. Those things are optional in common. Makes me wonder if common would give an advantage having those other items a part of the submitted application. Thoughts?

Auburn just started using common app several years ago actually applying via CA or thru AU doesn’t matter they don’t look at anything other than GPA and Test scores. I will say my oldest is a senior and that is certainly different thank when she applied. Think with so many applying they don’t have time to read everything. Hope this helps

My son will be applying but he just took the SAT today. When do the scores need to be in to still be considered for early action?

S24 applied last week :pray:t2:

Must be received from college board by 9/15. Cannot be self reported.

I’m here for a second year! D23 was accepted to Auburn last year but chose another school, now D24 has applied! We think Auburn is great! I just hope they fix their dorm situation before next freshman class moves in…

Yes, housing is definitely a concern for me too.

S24 submitted yesterday. Hopefully his scores will get in on time.

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My S24 applied last week. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed. We will be visiting Auburn for the second time in early October. Does anyone have any more information about when we should hear back from admissions? I know they are saying the middle of the month, so I assume around the 15th?

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We are waiting too. Pretty sure it was 10/15 last year​:crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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My daughter applied earlier this week. OOS (FL)

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My D24 applied her about a week ago. We are doing TO. So hoping that does not end up being a disadvantage. She did get her Alabama acceptance yesterday with TO. So fingers crossed. We are OOS (GA). Clemson and SC are her top picks with Auburn coming in 3rd and Alabama 4th.

We are OOS and Auburn is D24 #1. Applied first round EA and patiently waiting with y’all!

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Once they submit their Auburn application using the Auburn app (not the common app) is there anything else they are supposed to do? He can log into the website by clicking on the Apply Now and put in email and password and see his application is “awaiting decision” but not sure if he is supposed to set up a portal or anything else. We assumed the email and password he set up to apply directly through their website was all he needed to do.

I think this is all my daughter has done when she applied directly through Auburn.

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Apply early and place your housing deposit early! My DS23 did both and got his first choice housing - smooth as butter! Most complaints are from those who didn’t plan ahead or were worried about losing a $200 deposit - but trust me, its worth it!. Btw, my son wasn’t fully committed until March as he was waiting on a few other schools. He absolutely loves Auburn!!


My DS23 was accepted on 10/14 last year at 6pm. It was a Friday night, so be prepared! I’m guessing 10/13 this year. Best of luck!


We’re planning a visit but first wanted to ask about War Eagle Days. I know they’re invitation only. Have people received invitations yet? Should we wait and see if we get an invitation or just go ahead and visit on our own? DS applied a few weeks ago on Common App and it says school has downloaded his info.