Auburn University Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

That’s what my daughter got as well. Her app was complete 9/14.

My daughter received something yesterday confirming that they got her application. She applied on August 1st.

We received a generic mailer to visit (already have) and confirmation that Auburn has his application. Then the War Eagle Day postcard arrived a few days later. My son’s application went in at the end of August.

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I noticed the two Friday dates are already booked up.
Halloween is showing as still available :jack_o_lantern:

My daughter applied before 9-15. She got a postcard for general visit, not War Eagle Day visit.

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My son is finalizing his college applications. I’m curious what other schools your senior is applying to. My senior is interested in business – specifically analytics, finance, and maybe supply chain. So we are looking at schools with those programs. Right now Auburn is really high on his list (for the program and also just the feel of the school and community), but he’s also applying to GT (stretch), NC State, VT, and Univ of Tenn.

Do you remember about when she application was completed? My daughter applied in early Aug - got the email on 9/14 and postcard on 9/15, so I would guess if an application was closer to the deadline, they might not have been included this round.

We are in state. My daughter was already accepted to Univ of Alabama, and she will probably apply to UAB, USA, and UNA during free application week in October. :grinning: She’s also considering Tulane and Univ of Florida, but unfortunately I don’t think they’ll offer enough in the way of scholarships.

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Out of curiosity…Do your kids get much mail and emails from Auburn? He has received a few pieces of regular mail, but that is about it. The other SEC schools that he applied to seem much more active and engaged. Didn’t know if that was normal for Auburn. Applied in August, have visited in the last year, and stats are at/above 75%. He likes the school. Campus was nice, Town was cute, and people were lovely.

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We’ve gotten the most from UTenn, Bama and Old Miss. Then Auburn is a close second. And nothing at all from TAMU. It’s driving my Aggie parent crazy. :+1:

I think my senior has received several items in the mail from Auburn, but not as many emails. The amount of emails from some schools is really crazy!

Same here!

TAMU state auto admits started receiving acceptance letters this past week. My daughter knows that she will have to wait, as she is a holistic review for admittance. She is very nervous that she won’t get in and thinks that Team Blind admittance to TAMU is an insult. I’m trying to reason with her on this issue.

I was just looking at my calendar, and October 14th is a Friday. Do you think that’s the day the Early Action 1 admissions will be released? Does anyone know if they release all of the decisions at the same time or are they “rolling” over a week or so? Given that the first War Eagle Day is Friday, October 21st, I assume they will come out at least a few days before then.

Poor thing. Blinn Team wasn’t around when I was there but I know it’s really a non-starter for the other kids on campus. TAMU is huge and has to comply with state law (auto admits) which leaves very little extra room for so many amazing, intelligent driven students. My D24 who will not be auto-admit will be thrilled to get Blinn Team. They’re all just as good students, it’s just a space issue, as far as I know.

I hope so. D23 doesn’t want to commit to WED until she knows she’s in. Which may mean she doesn’t get to go at all…

Last year, it looks like EA1 emails came in the evening on Wed October 13…all at the same time, as far as I can tell.


It’s really challenging for a student to not feel let down with Blinn when so many other great schools are literally courting them to attend with early admission, scholarships and lots of communication!

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It seems that those may be the students who are definitely going to be accepted. Did any test optional students receive invitation to War Eagle Day?

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Good question. My daughter applied with test scores. I think only 7% of test optional applicants were accepted last year, so they may not feel as much of a need to “attract” them to attend.

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