Auburn University Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

Yes, if the AUSOM scholarships are declined, they will be awarded to another student. (This does not apply to merit scholarships though)

Not disputing and saying your wrong but the exchange I had with the Scholarship office yesterday didn’t sound like that was the case. I didn’t ask that specific question but the statement I did get from them was “Regretfully, all institutional scholarships have been awarded at this time and all decisions are final.” (that’s a quote right from the email).

In any case, good luck to all the kids going to Auburn - we toured a few weeks back and it seemed like a great school with a positive vibe to it. DS is OOS and with no merit or scholarships left him as a full-pay student. He has other equivalent schools (programs, fit, etc) that are quite a bit less expensive so Auburn gets cut.


Good luck wherever your son lands! Auburn is a great school, but they definitely are not the most generous with money. Even if those small scholarships are re-awarded, they’re likely to be fairly small amounts and not enough to put much on a dent in OOS tuition.

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I hear you! Honestly I’m struggling with this one because I hear housing goes extremely fast and don’t want my daughter to miss out on getting the housing she wants but she hasn’t made a final decision yet and it is frustrating that these schools expect payment and contracts so early


So we got a rejection in January and then just received an acceptance packet in the mail. Checked portal and there is now an acceptance letter? I haven’t heard of that happening before?