Boarding schools returning for spring

Has anyone received information on returning to campus for spring instruction.
Idyllwild Arts (california) informed us that our students would not be returning until
Feb. 1. (original winter break: Dec. 19-Jan. 11).
No online instruction through Jan.
Original end date (with no spring break) April 30.
New extended end date May 19.

We already have a pretty detailed plan for students to return in mid March. Unfortunately, the school has based the decision on current covid circumstances, so out of state students are expected to do a 14 day quarantine on campus before in person classes start. I keep hoping that will change, because my daughter is not up for another 14 days of on campus isolation. The students are doing remote learning now through February (with a winter break starting next week).

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PA has thus far said that everyone will be back in Spring in a 2-day compressed move-in, after having quarantined in advance, and then getting tested upon arrival. HOWEVER, all subject to change of course.

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Choate just emailed that winter term with begin remotely on 1/6. Boarding students will return 1/29. Term ends 3/4, with spring break 3/5-21.

Day students will have to be 100% remote or switch to boarding at no additional cost.

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SMS is going remote for first two weeks of January, in order to allow kids to quarantine. Move in is 3rd weekend of January. No Spring Break and early graduation (May).

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How many schools are allowing boarders to stay on campus over Christmas?

CSW is, so I know it’s at least one. Mostly for the benefit of international students.

Cate has some boarders staying on campus for break. Mostly international students.

The plan is still to have kids back January 10, but they were told to bring home what they would need for classes. With California numbers being what they are, I would be shocked if the plan sticks. They did a good job with controlling exposure during the fall, but there is only so much you can do when a good chunk of students would be traveling through LAX.


Yeah. I’m more than a little concerned. My hamlet was declared a micro-cluster before Thanksgiving, and then NY restructured everything, so I don’t know what we are.

Then I noticed MA’s list of red zones. 187 communities.