Call for Essay Readers on CC

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In preparation for a new crop of students who will be writing essays, we’re creating a new group on CC dedicated to reading and providing feedback on student essays. If you’re willing to be part of this team, keep reading!

How does it work?
Once you join the group, you’ll get access to an exclusive area that will detail how Essay Readers get access to essays and how to provide feedback. This system is meant to help spread out the load of essay reading, and also give you a way to jump in and provide feedback whenever you have time.

I’m interested! How do I join?
If you are interested in being an essay reader, and you are a Senior Member, please click this link and click Request button, write a short note explaining your interest and background, and click Submit. We’ll review and add you! As part of the group, we will provide a secure way to read and provide feedback on essays.

What do I get for joining?
You’ll get a special label after your username (like a Forum Champion or Moderator). You’ll also be part of a private category for discussing essays, tips, and reviewing strategy with other readers.

Can anyone become an essay reader?
To protect the confidentiality of essays written, this group is restricted to Senior Members and above.

I don’t have a lot of time. How much time do I have to commit?
That’s the great thing - all you’re doing right now is letting us know that you’re willing. Joining this group will make it easy to notify you that there are essays to review. When notifications pop up, you can choose to jump in and review or just let it pass by.

How do I submit my essay for review?
You can’t do that just yet - once we have a solid team of reviewers, I’ll post information on how to submit an essay.

Anything else?
We’re also looking for a Forum Champion for the College Essays category that can manage requests to join the group and make sure that our Essay Reader group is strong and legit. If you’re interested, send me a note!

Thanks for writing. Happy to help but please note that I am not a senior member. Please be aware, however, that I started and ran the largest college consulting company in the nation and wrote and distributed one of the best selling books on the college process to include college essay writing. No pressure but I understand this at a solid level.


Great! Added you to the group. If anyone else is interested feel free to send me a PM!

i will. Thanks.