Can we get rid of this junk commenting software?

The autoscroll never works, I can’t even jump to a certain message. Also, there is no way to toggle between pages other than the inaccurate scrollbar. CC has really gone downhill because of this (which is why people are moving to Discord)


Perhaps it’s your browser? The scrollbar works fine for me. I’m using Chrome.

I like the upgrade far better than the older site now that I’ve gotten used to it TBH.

If you’re trying to dive into a really long thread, for some reason, it’s possible the scrollbar isn’t all that great. However, I am curious what software you think would be an improvement for threads that get to that size? And also allows the moderation levels that this board maintains? There’s a lot of specifications the board software needs to fulfill.

When I try to jump between Message #1804/2000 it always skips too high or low and scrolling up or down, it never autoloads the next few messages.

Any software that at the minimum autoloads as I scroll and offers a more accurate side scrollbar (perhaps it can lengthen as the amount of messages increases?) Because it becomes very cumbersome when I’m trying to look back on messages.

@HarryH3 can you tell me what browser you are using? Desktop or mobile? That isn’t the way it should function - auto scroll should work fine and so should the scroll bar…

Desktop, Chrome browser. By scrollbar I mean this one:
Screenshot 2022-05-21 141244
When I want to scroll through comments, I always have to advance this annoying bar before it will go to the next page. And sometimes it skips in between messages because it doesn’t accurately map to a page (for example I scroll too far or too little). In other words there is no reference frame when there are too many messages in a forum.

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