Chance me for boarding schools

Hi, right now I’m an eighth-grader applying to Andover, Choate, Exeter, NMH, Millbrook, Hotchkiss, and Vermont Academy. My stats are below and yeah haha.

My Grades for 7th:

Band: 97
Exploratory: 97
English: 97
PE: 97
Pre-Alg: 97
Reading: 97
Science: 99
Social Studies: 96

My grades were basically the same this year.

I received 3 Math Scholar Awards, 2 Science Awards, and one reading and English award; I also got a top cat award which is basically a top student recognition award.

As far as extracurriculars go I did a lot; I founded a climate change non-profit over the summer, drafted climate legislation, and went to multiple protests/strikes. I’m also a member of our Honor Society, Peer Education, I had a lead in our school musical where I played Lumiere, and I’ve done jazz band/concert band for seven years.

For athletics all three years of high school I played Cross Country and Track; where I’m on varsity and a team captain.

Some extra stuff I submitted with my application is during the pandemic I took college-level classes on EdX about social justice, or government, and economics.

I feel all of my recommendations were really good but I am only just speculating. This is because I’m super close with my teachers and coaches, and they told me how glowing their recommendations were.

My essays were really good, I wrote a lot about being an LGBT student and discrimination I’ve faced and how that changed me for the better, about a painting that helped me reconnect with my Filipino culture, and my passion for radical change.

The interviews I did were kinda all over the place, if I were to rate them Andover was a 10/10, Hotchkiss was like a 9.5/10, Choate a 7 just because it wasn’t really special, Exeter a 6.5 but it was kinda hard to tell, NMH a 4 because I was not prepared and I messed up the time I had it, Millbrook was an 8.5 and I really connected with my interviewer, and VA was a 6 just because it was my first and I was kinda inexperienced.

I think the downsides of my application are I didn’t submit an SSAT score and I’m on Financial Aid.

Any feedback is appreciated!

I do think you are a strong candidate but a lot of talented students get denied and only applying to the top schools is dangerous. Im also confused you said you were in 8th grade and then you said you played varsity for 3 years in high school. If that is the case and you are in your last year im going to give it to you straight forward your not getting. Generally speaking students who are admitted senior or post graduate year are there to fulfill athletics or arts and you have to be the best in the country. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

My feedback is this: you sound like a great kid and a strong candidate. None of us on CC can really chance you because we don’t work in the schools Admissions Offices. Very best of luck, I am sure you will be an asset to whichever school you attend!

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Sorry if I worded it wrong; in my school varsity is available to 6th graders. When I went into middle school I got into varsity and continued with that for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade (this year). I’m not applying for an extra post-graduate year, I’m an eighth-grader applying for 9th grade.

Yep I just read that; mistake on my part, I didn’t mean to say high school, I was thinking about applying to high school and made an error.

don’t be upset if zeke1111 pulls you down. many people have seen this person trolling many other chance me threads.

i think that you should’ve widen your net, but i do think there’s a high possibility of at least one school.


Thanks for the kind words during the admissions process haha. I ended up getting waitlisted at PEA, Choate, Accepted at Hkiss, PA, NMH, and VA, and rejected at Millbrook. I’m also committed to Hkiss!! Go Bearcats!