Chance Me for UNC Chapel Hill Out of State please??

Demographics- Male, Asian, NJ, semi-competitive public school, neither of my parents attended college in the US (they went to college in Korea), mom makes $40k, and dad lives in Korea.

Intended major- Political Science

ACT/SAT II- 36 C (36, 35, 36, 36); US History- 760

GPA- 3.88 UW / 4.73 W. Class rank: 5/240.

Maxed out APs every year, which includes AP: US History (4), World History (5), Government & Politics (5), Psychology (4), Physics I (4), Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Art History, Calc AB, Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, European History, Statistics (13- most offered).

Every other class I took was an honors class. I had a couple of B’s freshman year, but I’ve never gotten below an A- on any class sophomore or junior year.


West Point Leadership Award (only one person in the school receives this award every year)

Business State Leadership Conference 5th place

National US History Bee

Bronze medal Spanish STAMP test

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

National Honor Society


Varsity athlete for cross country, winter track, and spring track

Captain of cross country

Vice president of student council

Officer of 2 clubs (1 organizes volunteer activities)

Academic team

Selected to a leadership program by a teacher




1 out of 3 letters of recommendations are really good, the other two are just average.

dude if you don’t get in i’m not sure who will haha. on an unrelated note what’s your xc times?